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A Week In The Life…[5]

Normally, these posts are titled ‘A Weekend In The Life’ but so much has happened this past week – good and bad – and so I might as well make an exception for myself!

I had a really rough week. I sometimes have the tendency to be overly melodramatic. Despite this, there were some very memorable positives:

County History

In work news, I released Episode 11 of The Visit El Paso Podcast last week, giving a nice overview of events in April, an interview with El Paso Live which is part of our organization, and music from local band, Radio La Chusma. Listen below!

I’m thinking about starting an video blog series for myself. I have a personal YouTube but don’t do much with it. Plus, I’m a bit camera shy and the video blogs might make for good practice.

I’ll need to find a topic to talk about – I don’t want it to be too overly TMI, though sometimes I can be ALL ABOUT the TMI! Some ideas:

  • 50 Most WTF Crysti Moments (trust me, there might be more)
  • Short Thoughts on Thelema & Philosophy
  • What It’s Like To Do Social Media For a Living
  • My Fitness Journey

We’ll see what happens with that concept. Be on the lookout for some photo gallery posts that highlight some of the photography I’ve done for work! I have never been a photog but with the right camera & a good eye, sometimes my images turn out really beautiful.

Enough about me – how was your week? Have you done any recent exploring? Make sure to comment below or add me on social media and strike up a conversation!

Fusion 69

The Realism of El Paso’s Art Scene | Fusion Magazine #69

The newest issue of the Fusion Mag is out and it’s a good one! I’ve been writing for Fusion for the last two years now although it’s gotten a little more difficult to find time to write since I started working at Destination El Paso last year, it’s been a rewarding experience. My editors, Alex and Oscar, are very down to Earth and intelligent guys. Without them, my articles wouldn’t come out as awesome as they do.

Page 11

For this issue, I wrote a piece called ‘The Realism of El Paso’s Art Scene where I interviewed two El Paso artists, Tino Ortega & Juan Ornelas, and discussed the origins and reason behind the art proliferation in our city. I based the article off the February episode of the Visit El Paso podcast that I recorded. 

You can read the article in the paper version Fusion Mag, which you can find at the following distribution points:

  • The Garden in Union Plaza
  • Downtown Public Library
  • The Headstand in the Northeast
  • Guitar Center
  • All That Music
  • FYE Basset
  • FYE Sunland
  • Entertainmart
  • RAM Convenience Store
  • Kinley’s Coffee House
  • UTEP Union East
  • EPCC Rio Grande Valle Verde
  • San Carlos Building
  • Las Cruces / Chihuahua / Juarez
  • Destination El Paso Visitor Centers

Or you can read the magazine online at Issuu. To see other work I’ve written for Fusion Magazine, visit my Resume page here or on Behance. 


Visit El Paso Podcast Episode 10 | History Vault – El Paso Origins

history vault podcast cover 3I’ve been pretty much absent from my personal blog only because I’ve been working hard on work related things. I just recently celebrated my one-year anniversary with the El Paso Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (now Destination El Paso) and I really love it here!

One of the more awesome things that I get to do is podcast. As many of you folks know, I’ve been podcasting for a long time now – I’m not an “Ol’ G” by any sense, but I got my start helping out with the guys from Fuya Radio, then doing my own thing with The 915 Voice, and now finally the Visit El Paso podcast as a part of my Social Media Coordinator position.

El Paso truly is a very beautiful place to live in and part of what makes this place so wonderful is the wealth of history that we have here. It’s not just about the history that we read in books & hear from our grandparents; it’s also about the living stories that the architecture tells us, the characters that once roamed here and the ghosts that still go bump in the night.

So anyways – in addition to my regular monthly podcast for work, I’ve managed to make more (enjoyable) work for myself and added two NEW episode types: a history show & a music show.

Here’s the flagship episode of the History Vault and features local historian Jackson Polk giving us the most interesting & concise version of El Paso history that I’ve ever heard!

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation (Photo credit: holisticgeek)

Saw this great document on Issuu today – it’s well designed and provided plenty of meaningful information! I normally don’t share stuff like this on my blog but it’s definitely something that I would like to refer to over & over and perhaps it’s something that you would like to share as well!

Starting your own personal meditation practice doesn’t need to be a cumbersome process. Just make sure you’re sitting properly in a posture that’s right for you (make sure your spine is straight the whole time) and focus on your breathing.

Don’t focus TOO hard on your breathing, though! Just empty your mind, control your breathing & let go. Trust me, meditation helps in all sorts of ways!

If you’re from El Paso and are looking for instruction in meditation or just want to find a group to meditate with, these are my suggestions:

Podcasting & Stuff

I case you weren’t aware of it, I’ve been podasting for a while. I got my start with a group of then-friends a few years ago with ‘The Lady Bits’ show then started my own show, ‘The 915 Voice’ a few years back.

Now I podcast as a part of my job of being a Social Media Coordinator for the El Paso Convention & Visitors Bureau, a job I absolutely love. One day I’ll write more about what I do on a day to day basis – it’s not as simple as just being on Twitter or Facebook all day (although I do that too!)

So here’s my latest podcast episode. Any feedback would be cool – my tone, timing, etc. Hope y’all enjoy!


Labor Day Brewskies

This weekend was full of adventure for Aaron and I. He was pretty much my assistant while I covered the Sun City Music Festival for Visit El Paso, we also had a little cookout and made a batch of beer. If you haven’t been reading my blog for very long, Aaron is my long-time boyfriend and a lot of what happens in my life is very intertwined with his.

While he was attending his last semester at NMSU, Aaron took a brewing class that changed his outlook on life and fostered a deep love for brewing. He’s made several batches since then but just transitioned into grain brewing recently. He’s starting with an IPA.

This is the first time that I have played an active part in the brewing process – and it was definitely interesting! A lot of steps are involved, lots of different equipment is used and the recipes are surprisingly simple, in my own opinion.

Aaron and I have been talking a lot about opening a brewery in the future, since beer making has become a major passion of his. My role would be more of an administrative / marketing position in the grand scheme of things, not really so much of the production, although I may participate in that from time to time. Together, we’re planning on picking a location, the construction or renovation and then a menu. Our model would follow something along the lines of High Desert Brewery in Las Cruces, NM.

I’m excited about this venture! There are a lot of elements to consider and this is certainly in it’s planning stages but it’s definitely something we’re planning on doing. For now, we’re just going to stay low on the radar until we have a physical location, a signature brew and a definitive brand identity under our belt!

The Great Work and The 6 Realms of Suffering

Ysufferingoga studios and alternative healing centers are finally becoming popular in my city. I’m pretty stoked about this development – I am always looking for fellowship in these sorts of practices so that I can build tangible knowledge and meet people who perhaps share the same life ideologies that I do.

I’m not a yogi but I am a Thelemite and practicing yoga is one of the many methods to obtain knowledge of the self and lead us on our individual paths, known as the Great Work.

This past Sunday, I attended a workshop at The Root, a yoga studio down the street from my place. The workshop was about the “6 Ways That We Suffer & How Not To” and was led by Michael Boyle. I found out about the workshop through Facebook and the event page recommended the following article as a primer on what we were going to discuss:

The Six Ways We Suffer

I read the article and took one of my Moleskine journals with me to the workshop to write notes. I recommend you read the above article to gain an understanding of the lecture. If you’re interested in hearing what Michael had to teach us that day, listen to the below MP3:

To learn more about the 6 realm teachings, please visit http://www.dharmainc.org/


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