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Travelogue: Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Travelogue: Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“Holy shit, babe,” I told my boyfriend as we slowly sailed away from port, “we’re on a boat!” He chuckled, pulled me in front of him, and wrapped his arms around me. For the next 7 days, we’d be disconnected from the world as we knew it – both physically and digitally – to embark on a much needed adventure.

Our First Winter Solstice Celebration

Our First Winter Solstice Celebration

  2015 would be the first year we would put concentrated effort into celebrating Winter Solstice and more importantly, explaining the meanings and symbols of the season. We decided to keep the celebration low-key with an emphasis on understanding all the ritual and symbols behind […]

Explore: Aztec Caves at Franklin Mountains State Park

Explore: Aztec Caves at Franklin Mountains State Park

While out at the Franklin Mountains for work in October, I saw a trail that I really wanted to take my son on: the Aztec Caves Trail. It’s a fairly easy climb up and once you reach the caves, you’ll also enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the west part of the Franklins, El Paso parts of New Mexico. So, my son and I packed up some water, snacks and our two dogs and set out for an adventure in our own city!

Some cool history about the Aztec Caves according to “Spirits Of The Border: The History and Mystery of El Paso Del Norte“:

This name was given to these caves by the early settlers of El Paso who believed that the Aztecs has spent a great deal of time in the local area, long before the arrival of the Spanish. Supporting the belief that the Aztecs had been in the Franklins are stories that after the Spanish Conquistadors killed Montezuma, the Aztec King, numerous shipments of gold and silver were enroute to be given to the Spaniards as ransom for Montezuma.

Once word spread that Montezuma was dead, these shipments were diverted to places of safety so that the greedy Spanish would not find them. It is believed that one or more of these hiding places used by the Aztecs to conceal their treasure were in the Franklin Mountains.

Does the Treasure of Montezuma lie waiting in a hidden cave for some adventurous soul to unearth?


Wow! Maybe we should all go explore the Franklins a little more deeply, eh? Before you go grab your pickaxe, try the Aztec Caves hike especially if you’re a beginner. You might need a hiking stick once you get close to the steep entry of the caves and for the descent. More info on the trail can be found HERE and HERE.

Exploring: Dripping Springs in Las Cruces, NM

We’re very fortunate to be surrounded by such adventure-friendly ranges such as Hueco Tanks, the Franklin Mountains, Wyler Aerial Tramway and the Organ Mountains in New Mexico – there’s trail running, moutain biking, camping, rock climbing and hiking available at most sites. For this particular adventure, my […]

Pinteresting Food [2] : How To Make Homemade Hummus

I never had anyone to teach me how to cook. As a child, I rarely ate anything that wasn’t a bologna and cheese sandwich or a can of generic Chef Boyardee. Once I got old enough to know how to cook, I started to see how […]

How To Survive A Juice Detox Cleanse

CRFT Juice is a new premium juicery that caters to health and fitness minded folks in El Paso. They’ve teamed up with Phit Phuel, a fitness meal prep company, to offer perfectly paired juices to compliment Phit Phuel’s array of delectable offerings.

In my last post, I discussed the fact that I need to lose a significant amount of weight. Since then, I started a new Instagram account, solely to document my journey through becoming… less fat. So far, the journey has been a bit frustrating but I feel as if I am reaching a point where the workouts, diet and mentality are becoming a habit- and that’s a good thing.  CRFT Juice ran into my Instagram account and offered me a 1 day cleanse to try out.

The last time I did a ‘detox’ was about five years ago. Even then, it was a simple lemonade diet, which yielded great results but didn’t necessarily detoxify my body. Juice cleanses can be done by anyone with a strong will and desire for a healthier system. CRFT Juice offers 3 day and 7 day juice cleanses us as well, but everyone should really start out with a one day cleanse just so that they know how their body reacts to it.

{What Is Juicing?}

Juicing has been trendy for a few years and there are a few ways to get your nutrients packed into a cold, tall glass of deliciousness. Typical juicers keep the pulp out of your drink and keep it ‘juicy’ on the literal sense. Slow juicers keep the pulp and the nutrients.

According to CRFT Juice: “With proper refrigeration, your juice has a shelf life of 3-4 days (72-96 hours). Additionally, freezing your juice extends your window for enjoyment. If you choose to freeze your juice, please let it defrost. COMPLETELY before consuming to avoid a “watered down” taste- as water thaws quicker than vitamins.

{Who Is CRFT Juice?}

CRFT Juice’s owner, Adrian, is very socially active on social media and is great at customer service! I had a lot of questions about the cleanse when I started the process and thankfully, he was very patient and gave me very direct advice: he told me that I should drink at least five juices in combination with a gallon of lemon water in one day, and also told me that if I absolutely needed to eat something, organic fruits and soaked almonds are somewhat allowed.

Strive to do the whole cleanse as prescribed!

{How To Do The 1 Day Juice Detox}

1 day juice detox
Before you start the cleanse, buy plenty of lemons for your lemon water. This way, when cravings arise you can reach for that gallon of water instead of that refrigerator handle. The one day juice cleanse comes with two Waters, a Fire, Wind, and Earth juice. Here’s the breakdown:8:28 AM – Drinking a CRFT Juice Earth. First thing I taste is celery. It’s a smooth draught with a little bit of weightiness to it. I’m glad it’s not too watery – I suppose I expect ‘juice’ to have a certain thickness to it. This juice contains celery, cucumber, kale and spinach. Lean green!11:25 AM – I’ve had about 3 glasses of lemon water so far. I feel a little hungry, but comfortably so. Now opening up a bottle of CRFT Juice Water, a blend of coconut, aloe and pineapple. It has a welcome sweetness to it and a good, weighty feel to it – I can taste all three flavors all at once. It’s like a punch of freshness.

3:44 PM – I’ve been in and out of meetings and felt REALLY hungry at this point. Grabbed a CRFT Juice Wind and was my ‘hangriness’ was quickly satiated. This juice is lighter than the last two and the tartness is a nice change. The Wind juice is made up of Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Lemon, Lavender. I am also about halfway down my water gallon at this point.

5:56 PM – Time for a CRFT Juice Fire. Despite the name, this juice is orange in color and packs a punch! Fire has a strong vegetable taste and is made up of oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, nopal (cactus), celery, and ginger. What I really love about this juice is that it makes my stomach feel full so that I don’t have to suffer the rest of the night! My water gallon is almost finished, too!

8:57 PM – It’s time to go to bed. I’m a little sleepier than normal but I suppose I should expect that if I cut calories by drinking juice and water all day. I reached for my CRFT Juice Water and happily gulped it down. I absolutely LOVE this drink – I’d have to say it’s definitely my favorite of all the drinks I’ve had today. Time for mimis…zzzzzzzzzz!

{The Results}
I woke up the next morning hungry (ravenous, almost) but with loads of pep in my step. Even my vision seemed to have more clarity! Overall, I didn’t feel as groggy as usual and it just felt like my body was running a little better than usual. I’ll need to try the three day cleanse soon!

{Connect with CRFT}
Are you ready to start your CRFT Juice cleanse? AWESOME! Here’s how to get a hold of them:


Exploring: Dripping Springs in Las Cruces, NM

We’re very fortunate to be surrounded by such adventure-friendly ranges such as Hueco Tanks, the Franklin Mountains, Wyler Aerial Tramway and the Organ Mountains in New Mexico – there’s trail running, moutain biking, camping, rock climbing and hiking available at most sites.

For this particular adventure, my boyfriend Aaron suggested we make a trip out to Las Cruces, New Mexico for a day of craft beer drinking, shopping and hiking. I’m  definitely a huge fan of Las Cruces;  I love how I can get away from El Paso without being too far away and that the chances of running into someone I know are slim.

The day we went to Las Cruces was dusty and windy, but as we  got closer to Dripping Springs, the weather cleared up completely.


The great thing about this hike is how comfortably secluded it is. Even the Visitor Center at the Springs looked like it had not been touched since the late 1960’s.

We walked all over the Dripping Springs park for about 4-5 hours. Started out with the Dripping Springs Trail, came back down and took the Crawford Trail, up the Fillmore Trail, back down around La Cueva Rocks and finally took La Cueva back to the Visitor Center.

Aaron Ramirez Dripping Springs NM

Dripping Springs was originally a resort built in the 1870’s by Colonel Eugene Van Patten. The getaway was really popular and hosted historical big wigs like Pancho Villa and Pat Garret. But the party didn’t last forever. In 1917, Van Patten went bankrupt and sold the resort to Dr. Nathan Boyd.

Dr. Boyd’s wife had tuberculosis and so he converted the once popular hot spot into a sanatorium. He had different buildings erected around the property to accomodate the patients.


The buildings were in decent shape up until the 1940’s when scavengers discovered them and stole building materials. Now, the Bureau of Land Management oversees the property to ensure whatever is left stays preserved.

My favorite piece of history at Dripping Springs is about ‘The Hermit of la Cueva’. There’s a certain cave on the park where thousands of archeological artifacts dating to 5000 BC have been found. As amazing as that is, the part of the cave’s history that interests me so much more is the story of a man whom lived and died there: Giovanni Maria Agostini.

Aaron Ramirez La Cueva

He was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1800 and left for the Americas in 1827, vowing to be a hermit for the rest of his life. He saught the “high mountains and vast deserts – in order to enter into a life of perfect solitude.” His travels took him to different caves in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and finally into New Mexican territory.

the hermit

Dripping Springs in Las Cruces, NM is one of my favorite places to explore. All the nooks and crannies, peaks to climb on, hidden waterfalls and eclectic history make it a wonderful place to revisit over and over again!