In the Dark…

I remember in High School I wrote a whole lot of poems…and in my opinion they’re pretty good. Here’s one I’d like to share:

In The Dark…
I saw you sitting in the dark,
and when I tried to touch your soul,
You left me with your mark.
I love you still,
no doubt in that,
With your love I’ve had my fill.
But this wound;it still remains,
I can’t ignore the pain.
We are one;it is our fate.
Break these chains,
run through the gate.
Give me freedom,
Give me Love.
Give me all I am dreaming of.
A thousand seeds,
all in one womb.
Is this the love I am dreaming of?
Out of the darkness you have come,
Now the time has come for me to run,
Run away, into the dark.

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