OMGWTF Jacked AGAIN !!!!

There’s been quite a space between now and the last time I’ve written….simply put: no internet!

Now that i’ve got my own internet, Im happy to say that I should be posting alot more frequently, and hopefully with a little more fervor than previous….

Unfortunately my first post after this mini-haitus is one tained with anger and a slight sense of sadness. This morning, David awoke me only to tell me that my stereo had been stolen from my car. At first I was mad…the thought of it doesnt suprise me…after all we’ve been robbed before, and for much more valuable things than my lovely head unit…
The dipshit thief also destroyed my center console and dashboard as all of you can well see. Of course, I don’t have comprehensive coverage for the car, all I have is liability to avoid any tickets or fines, so none of what happened is covered.

So now Ive got a dashboard, center console and stereo to replace. It might be easy to do it, but I would need to find the same dashboard at a junk yard. I just have to try to be positive and continue to move forward with plans to move to El Paso.

El Paso….I wish we would leave alot sooner. My best friend, Juan, is leaving on March 29th to the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago and I wonder if I am going to be able to see him before he leaves. Right now, we are really close to our goal for saving up for the car…just about $500 to $600 more.

Well thank goodness they didn’t break into the house. We’ve upped the security of the house since we got robbed last time. When I texted my BFF Juan about what had happened, his words meant alot to me:

(in response to the report that I got my stereo stolen) “What! Fuck! Doesnt David realize what he is putting you through? Does stuff like this happen to Davids famiy?…You need to move!”

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  • OMG!!! I think you’re a very special girl and this “David” is like bad luck and stuff, something tells me that this dude is pure bad Karma and whoever is near him is so like…” Oh my god like I got jacked again, again,again…” ya know what i mean? like the guy is a looser and he like rides your coat tails and stuff, people see that and you pay for it, I hope as a new friend whos’ been reading your blog, that when you move to El Paso, you ditch the loser and be fuckin’ free as a mama bird with her little tiny baby bird. It seems that this life is not like totally yours, and you’ve seemed to blend in with it when it comes to love and relationships, you need to get out of that fast NOW! like the bus to realityville is saving a seat for you but you are just like waiting for the next bus, when you least expect it, you’re like going to be old and stuff and you won’t event know it and like you’ll be stuck with Homeboy. My BFF says that when she goes out with a guy like that, they’re like moldy cheese and stuff that even when you slice off the mold it’s still moldy but you think it’s like o.k because denial sets in and you like cheese but it’s still bad cheese, ya’ know? I hope things go better for you in your hometown. Bye.

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