Its a Wonderful World in the Internet

    I finally got high speed (8 Mbps) from SuddenLink. The unfortunate thing is that this particular computer, which David bought from his buddy Jason, has very little RAM and its frustrating the living crap out of me! I like to listen to music while blogging, or shopping from my favorite web sites while checking my email, etc. and its hard do do so when "windows is running out of virtual memory". Ugh.

     I’ve been doing all sorts of things this last week like erasing profiles that I never use, like eSnips and my profile. I’ve also been updating my MySpace profile, and that was working out rather nicely. Then my BFF Juan decided to take it upon himself to design it…and its turning out good…he is going to design school for a reason after all!

     David, Benjamin and myself are going to take a mini vacation to El Paso this coming weekend, but its difficult ton plan anything since everything seems so up in the air. At first we were planning to leave on Thursday night and leave Benjamin here in Clovis with David’s sisters. David’s sisters WERE planning to go on Friday.

    I was totally ecstatic! I thought "OMG we are going to party and get durrty on Friday night! We’ll go to the O.P., the Mining, the 1914 and maybe even Blu! We’ll rent a hotel for a night and then meet with David’s sisters and Benjamin on Saturday morning!"

    BUT….as things usually go when I look forward to them, it crumbled. David’s sister Victoria decided it might be nice to stay in Clovis this next weekend because there’s a dance she wants to go to. Gawd.

     I’m not the one to be a selfish bitch, but truthfully it pisses me off! David and I never really do anything special together, and the only time that we have a window of opportunity, it shuts right in my face! At least David is planning a week long trip in April…I have no idea if David’s sisters will go though.

     I’ve installed this nifty little program on the computer; Windows Live Writer. I am using it now, on this post and it seems REALLY streamlined. I like it so far, let’s see if any obstacles come in the way.

     Hmm…what else have I done these last couple days? Well, I have always been a HUGE FAN of Gala Darling, and now that I’ve got an Internet connection, I can check it out as often as I want to! Her site is full of glorious advice on relationships, fashion, style and art. Crysti LOVES all of this!

     I’ve also created anew online ‘persona’ so to speak. For 2 years I have been known as ‘Crysti the Great’ to the online community, and now my new name is ‘Crysti Couture’! Tres Chic, non?

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