Lovely little things!

     This week has been a busy one…just spending time with the family and doing day-to-day chores can really take a lot of energy away from me! Although I usually find myself immersed in one thing or another, I usually always find time to read my books and discover little things on the Internet! Mainly these little tidbits have been found by using my BlackBerry, but some have been found by use of my PC.

*oneSearch 2.0: As an avid BlackBerry user, one can usually never have too many apps installed on the "Crackberry"…however, this weeks discovery of Yahoo’s! Next Gen Mobile Search was actually a pretty amazing download. You need to have your BB handy and then go to and download the client to your handheld. After installing it, launch it and hold the call button, speak into the device and search for ANYTHING…what the app does is use voice recognition software to decode your search, then uses the Yahoo server to bring up your results! It’s actually really nifty if your driving and need directions or a number…so this goes at the top of my list this week! I’m actually a Google fan myself, but the mobile applications that Yahoo keeps sending out are really winning me over! Let’s hope Microsoft

* Pink Vespa with Louis Vuitton upholstery! I came across this while researching Vespa prices and models…too CUTE! Buying a Vespa would certainly be one of my guilty indulgences, and painting it pink would definitely make me even more happy…but then getting custom made Louis Vuitton upholstery…too much to even fathom!

*Prince William and Harry’s Reaction to Princess Di’s death: I personally remember the day that Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Al Fayed died in Paris while being chased by the paparazzi…it was a very tragic event and the resulting mourning has so far been unrivaled. A few days ago, a group of forensic scientists and witnesses have determined that the cause of death was that of the driver, as he was 3 times above French legal alcohol limit, and the paparazzi, who instead of helping the princess, climbed all over the crashed car to take pictures. Princess Diana’s sons, William and Harry have released a very eloquent and heartfelt response to the results of the trial. Read the letter after the jump.

*Karl Lagerfeld is FUNNY…who knew!: A quote I like to live by now is: ‘fashions fade, but style is eternal" but it’s still important to know who are the haute designers of all time…one of them is Karl Lagerfeld. Just recently though, his eccentric antics have caught my eye…Karl tells the new issue of Prestige:

"I hate all children,For other people, it’s fine’ but not for me."

Karl Lagerfeld is also lending his image and voice to the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto franchise as a witty DJ for one of the game’s radio stations!

*The new HP2133 Mini-Note UMPC: For the noobs out there, HP stands for Hewlett Packard and UMPC stands for ‘Ultra Mobile Personal Computer’…what does the 2133 stand for? Well, my friend, that stands my new hearts desire…I really want one of these puppies!

That’s all for now! What’s ringing YOUR bell on the web?

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