Dipping my foot a lil’ deeper into the pond…

Hello Darlings!

I’ve been keeping a little busy online, and I really need to find a simpler way to blog from my BlackBerry…sometimes getting on the computer can be a total drag. This computer only has 512MB of RAM, and judging by the way that I like to do things online, that isn’t much AT ALL. Turning on the computer and opening up Internet Explorer can take up to 25 minutes alon…so much for that 8MB Internet connection I am paying for (thanks, Suddenlink).

I got a job offer the other day from a company called ‘Intervise’, although the actual position is at Cannon Air Force base as a Computer Engineer, and according to the specs, I think I would be absolutely perfect, although I hope the company decides to see that for themselves!

I applied to AMAC in February and got invited for an interview, but recieved a letter saying that they decided to ‘move forward with other candidates’…wha….? I don’t mean to be cocky, well maybe just a little cocky, but damn it, I am good at what I do…and if I don’t know how to do it, I will learn it in record time and do it better than MOST people…(I can’t say ALL people).


I started new accounts at several places online. I got a little Mego, which I have displayed here on the right. I also started using Twitter, which is actually pretty superfab. It’s part of a new phenomenon called Micro-blogging and it’s really convenient for me, since I’ve got my phone with me 24/7. Today I signed up for VerveEarth, a visual blog mapping tool that actually looks really great to use!

Right now, I have the time to use all of these services, and check up on thmm periodically…when I get a job, the updates might not be so often. For now, trying out these new online social networks is kinda fun, but I’m sure that these online fads will soon pass…people will be too busy to care what their buddies are Tweeting or blogging about! At this point I really want to configure my mobile blogging corectly…sometimes there’s thoughts I really want to blog about, and I don’t want to have to wait until I turn on my computer.

So tell me, what social networks are you using nowadays?

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