Month: September 2008

Organization is an Art

…which I have yet to master… Anybody who knows me can tell you that I am the ultimate scatterbrain. I forget birthdays, anniversaries, due dates and party dates. I forget my glasses, my cell phone and sometimes even my keys. There have been at least […]

I Think I Need Vitamins

I really should start telling people that I am a walking virus. I am always getting sick, and it seems that when I do get sick, the symptoms are ridiculously amplified for some reason. I currently have strep and it feels like my head is […]

Benjamin’s First Day at School

Today was Benjamin’s first day at school! I am taking him to a local Montessori School, simply because I heard that taking your child to a Montessori School is one of the best starts a child could have. He is only 3 but I can tell that he has SO much potential.

I suppose that I simply want to make sure that he has the opportunities that I was not offered when I was growing up.

Yes, me and my abuelita were best friends, we went shopping together and spend the whole day lazing about, which I also do with Benjmain, but I would have loved to have been offered a source of higher education.

Even when I started living with my mom and Louis, I was not necessarily encouraged to do anything of value, since there would be no one to pick up from school so late.
I was really impressed with the school for our initial visit. The Director, Mary, was very obliging and knowledgeable about the Montessori method, and kept the entire place very organized and clean. As soon as you walk into the school, you can smell the scent of fresh vanilla candles. All the supplies are neatly stowed in cubby holes, and all spaces are labeled neatly. As she walked me through each of the classrooms, the children were happily smiling and interacting, not a single one biting, hitting or crying. It was amazing.

It’s also economical for me. Daycare in El Paso was about 130.00 for a week at Kidsview. To take him all day everyday to the school is only 86.50, so that is a big savings for me!