HTC Touch Dual

Today’s new device is the HTC Touch Dual. It’s not necessarily the newest Smartphone out there, but it was approved by the FCC April 17th, 2008 and is now being offered by a local carrier here in Clovis, Plateau Wireless.

The features that this device packs are impressive, toting an advanced form of connectivity called HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access), which is pretty much an upgrade from the 3G UMTS system. What this means by text book definition is that it is supposed to double its network capacity and increases download speeds five-fold or more! For the newest Smartphone’s, this is going to become a standard feature, as it is important for the people who typically have Smartphone’s to have their information pushed to them immediately and whenever they need it.

Unfortunately, having the HTC Touch Dual on Plateau’s Network is akin to having a Ferrari in an area where 15 MPH is the speed limit. Nonetheless, Plateau has a very stable EDGE network, and for the time being, that should be enough.

Three things that have to be set up before you start using the touch:

1. My Work Network, this usually houses the MMS (Picture Messaging Settings) .
2. My ISP-> Add a new modem connection, this will determine how you connect to the internet.
3. Proxy Server

This phone is a possible candidate as my next phone, although realistically I am holding out for the T-Mobile Blackberry Javelin or the 9000. Even though this phone has lots of features that I enjoy, and lots of features that are super cool that my Pearl or any other Blackberry doesn’t come with (to my knowledge) such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Media Player, I really don’t think that I would switch over to Windows Mobile PC. Add on apps are expensive, and very little support for third party apps.

Here at the office, people are going GAGA for this phone. I am pretty addicted to it as well, but my undying love for BlackBerry forces me to keep a stoic composure.

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