Month: November 2008

Remembering Randy

I arrived in Clovis from Tohatchi, NM last night at 10 pm. When I walked into Randy’s mother’s house, it was completely surreal and almost a lucid experience for me. Out of the previous 24 hours, I had spent 12 hours driving from Clovis, NM […]

R.I.P Randy James Arthur (March 1983- November 2008)

I just found out that the first love of my life, Randy James Arthur died on November 19th, 2008. I don’t know details yet but I can imagine that he probably did something to cause it. I met Randy when I was 12 years old […]

BlackBery App To Love: MAXMEM

I have been tinkering with my Blackberry a lot lately and have been downloading and deleting several apps within the last couple of weeks. Today I ran into a FREE and extremely useful application named MAXMEM.

My recommendation when adding and removing applications on any device is to ALWAYS make a backup before proceeding. You never really know when an incompatible app will wreak havoc, and give you a dreaded 507 Error or even worse a white screen with a never ending hourglass.

After backing up my Pearl 8100, I went to directly from the browser on the phone and downloaded the file. After successful installation, I looked for a little Wooly Mammoth icon, and loaded the app.

It’s a simple little application that packs a punch, the interface is extremely simple, and to the point. The point of MAXMEM is to delete files that most BlackBerry users do not use, like the pre-loaded ringtones and wallpapers, unnecessary language files, T-Mobile Fave 5 or AT&T Push to Talk.

After deleting all these files, my Blackberry runs noticeably faster, and smoother. There are definetly less lags and the things I removed will not be missed. I have to admit that I didn’t remove the native ringtones, simply because I like using some of the native tones, especially after the 4.5 OS upgrade.

For those of you who plan on giving it a spin, and therefore making your Blackberry much more efficient, follow these instructions:

  1. Head to or click at this Link
  2. Install the application MaxMem to your BlackBerry
  3. Click on the MaxMem Elephant icon after you backup your BlackBerry database
  4. Choose from below tools

Removed Applications:

  • – Remove VAD (Voice Activation Dialing)
  • This feature enable BlackBerry to dial using voice.
  • Remove PTT (Push To Talk)
  • This feature is usually found in AT&T released BlackBerry and can only be used in AT&T network
  • Remove MDS – Don’t remove this if you are a BES user
  • Remove Media
  • All the media (sample video, wallpaper, etc) that comes from OS default
  • Remove Themes
  • All themes other than Zen theme will be removed but you get to authorize each theme cod file
  • Remove RIM Internal Tools
  • Used by RIM to monitor beta OS (Quincy, Battery Log, etc)


To avoid data loss in case of error, such as accidentally deleted currently used theme, do back up BlackBerry database using Desktop Manager.

Any error on the BlackBerry can be restored using Desktop Manager

I am voting for Barack, but I am scared to.

This is why: I was snooping around You Tube the other day and was watching the Obama Interview with Rachel Maddow, you know…that really hard core lesbian news anchor who can reduce a grown man to tears, that one. I started viewing some of the […]