Le Arte du Internet

I have mentioned before that a have hundreds, nay thousands of links in my Google Bookmarks that I have managed to save over the course of a couple of years. Every once in a while, when I have a minute to burn, I might click on a section of my carefully organized bookmarks, and just go down memory lane.

Today’s particular bookmark section I’d like to share with the world is my ‘Art’ section. I have to emphasize that none of this art is of my own work, but I have gotten so smitten with these pieces that I have saved them in hopes that maybe one day I can collect at least a couple of these pieces.

Many of these links are NSFW , so proceed with caution. On the other hand, several, if not most, of these links are perfectly safe and tasteful, so if you happen to stumble upon a naughty one, then take it like a pleasant surprise!

J. Meyer Sketches: J.L Meyer is a Children’s illustrator and fantasy artist, and I think that I fell in love with her art because it reminds me so much of the books I used to read as a youngster, particularly the series by Beatrix Potter.

Papaya Art: This is a store that I imagine most women with a home office would fall in love with. I found the site when I Googled ‘artistic file folders’ since I was so tired of the blah manila folders I use for my files. This store has more than file folders; art prints, gift wrap, gift garnishes, magnets and much more as well!

ALU Arts eBay Store: Of all the art that I’ve seen, this is the most peculiar and fun for me. Monkeys smoking cigars? Cats with dresses? Dogs with giant fruit hats? Take a look, you’ll like what you see.

Eboy: eBoy is an amazing trio (Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr) of talented guys who make giant art pieces out of tiny PNG images…they also make toys and do work for urban wear line Kidrobot, so this easily makes them some of the poshest geeks around. One of my favorite works is Foobar.

Ninagawa Mika: Ninagawa Mika is like Japan’s version of Annie Leibovitz. She is a photographer who works for Vogue Nippon, Elle Japon, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ Japan and on and on. These are some of her showcased works.

Nadav Kander Photography: VERY cool and trippy photography, mostly for advertisements and other commericial uses, but they’re so OUT THERE…this Nadav really puts himself into his artwork.

Girls: Friends or lovers? You decide. Portraits are very well taken.

The Infamous Madonna SEX BOOK: This one speaks for itself. Some lucky owner of the Madonna SEX book decided to scan the pages and share them on Live Journal, and this one is so OBVIOUSLY NSFW, it’s not even funny.

Last but definetly not least, The Top 10 Most Bizarre Artworks: I forgot how I came across this particular list, but believe me, these works are very odd and even haunting. I am actually disgusted at a couple of the pieces, but Art, when done correctly, is supposed to make you feel something, even disgust.

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