Month: June 2009

A Day in Tohatchi

Required Reading for those who are new: R.I.P. Randy James Arthur Remembering Randy On Monday evening, I left work early and I packed an overnight bag and drove to Tohatchi, NM which is about 6 hours away from Clovis, NM clear across the state. Why […]

BlackBerry Apps to Love: Slacker, Pandora & FlyCast

I am an intense lover of nearly every genre of music there is, except Country and some Spanish music. Other than that, you can find me reading with some Mendelssohn, Mozart, Beethoven or even the Three Tenors in the evening, bumping Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony […]

Why Twitter Is the Best Social Platform

I am part of a generation that loves beta testing, signing up with new services, and trying out new things, especially Social Networks.

Theres a lot of irony in ‘Social Networking’; the only place theres anything remotely social going on is in the internet, and chances are that no one is really getting out and being social.

I have had a MySpace since I graduated High School, and like my goth phase in Middle School, it started out as something I thought was cool and hip, but was actually kinda…well,lame.

As much as people will defend MySpace, I will have to completely agree with Stuff White People Like when they say:

“For a brief period of time, MySpace was the site where everyone kept their profile and managed their friendships. But soon, the service began to attract fake profiles, the wrong kind of people, and struggling musicians. In real world terms, these three developments would be equivalent to a check cashing store, a TGIFridays, and a housing project. All which strike fear in the hearts of white people….

Within a matter of months, MySpace had gone from a virtual utopia to Digital Detroit, where only minorities and indie bands remain.”

So, although I have a MySpace, it is severely neglected for a couple of reasons. I hate their Profile 2.0 ‘upgrade’ that doesn’t allow a whole lot of privacy and I really got tired of keeping up with something that I really wasn’t getting anything out of.

I may love fashion and keeping a poised appearance, but that does not make me vain. MySpace is all about vanity and those God forsaken profiles littered with glittery shooting stars, illegible colors and fonts and ubiquitous MySpace pose.

Facebook is nice. However, as I was starting my fresh new realtionship with the site, I discovered Twitter.

I fell in love.

At first, like all new relationships, I was shy and slow to catch on. Then I realized that I could really meet new people, get new ideas, share my own ideas and pretty much show whatever I wanted with the world.

Through sending my random 140 character tweets, sharing links I’m loving, video’s I’m obsessing over and random photos I am taking through TwitPic, people get a really good feel of my personality and follow me if they find what I have to say interesting. Those who don’t like my feed, or suddenly find my posts boring, lacking any value or just plainly get offended, can easily press the ‘Unfollow’ button and never have to hear my antics again. Those who absolutely love what I have to say can share it with others by retweeting my tweet or by replying directly to me and giving me kudos.

Vanity on Twitter is also kept to a minimum. No messy HTML or CSS to mess with and the Twitter page itself can’t really be manipulated other than changing the sidebar colors, text colors and the such. You can however, choose a background of your liking and also choose a profile picture, which is as far as the vanity really goes. There are some vain users out there, where every other tweet has a narcisstic picture of their mug (ahem, @KimKardashian) but unless you’re a celebrity (which many might debate upon in Kim’s case)really shouldn’t be done.

So, if you don’t use Twitter, you should try it out. If you don’t have 24/7 access to a PC, then don’t fret because if you’ve got a cell phone, sending Tweets is as easy as sending an 140 character text to 40404. If your carrier doesn’t support short code messaging, then there are a plethora of applications out there that can enable you phone to send and receive tweets if you’ve got a data plan on your phone.

If you’ve got a BlackBerry I highly recommend Uber Twitter. I’m working on a review for that coming up soon, if I can get a good screenshot app installed.

Happy Tweeting!

InTouch Clutch Review

Last week I was puttering around ETSY, where crafty and talented people sell their home made wares. I was searching for custom business cards for personal use and somehow or another, I ran into the InTouch Clutch. Like the true Virgo that I am, I […]

Have a D.I.Y. Weekend!

Summer weekends are the best weekends of the entire year for several reasons. They’re either spent outdoors, swimming in clear blue water, firing up the grill or flying kites. Weekends are also great for Do It Yourself projects! If you’re anything like me, I often […]

Links I Love Tuesday, Children’s Edition

I have a 4 year old son, Benjamin, and I am always looking for something to keep us occupied and I sometimes run into really cool sites that we come back and visit often. Through our surfing, we’ve found really great products for phones.

First in the list of my favorites is definetly Birthday Express. This site has nearly every imaginable birthday theme out there, and has definetly saved my skin once or twice before. As a matter of fact, I ordered the vinyl personalized Happy Birthday banner the year he was born, and have been using it for his birthday every year since!

Star Wars Sound Effects: My son loves Star Wars, although not as much as he loves Marvel, and we had a little bit of fun with this soundboard. You can create a funny mix of Princess Leia quotes, Wookie sounds and fighter jets passing. Give it a whirl!

Frecklebox has some amazing personalized gifts, and they’re all custom made for your child. They have books, posters, party favors and my favorite: growth charts. Lots of really great stuff to look at, even more so if you’ve got a single child. It’s a great way to indulge your boy or girl and yourself.

TotLOL: It’s like You Tube for kiddos! Guaranteed to keep your kid mesmerized for at least a couple minutes!

Edupics: Sometimes coloring Spiderman and the Hulk can get monotonous sometimes, and I know there are times that I am almost certain he could be coloring something more interesting and educational at the same time. Enter Edupics, an online resource choc-full of educational coloring pages that are interesting for kids and adults alike. Break out the Prismacolors! If you’re looking for more coloring pages, you could also stop by The Color.

Office of the Tooth Fairy Kit: My son has yet to lose his first tooth, and if there was one thing I remember growing up is that the yucky process of losing a tooth was well compensated with quarters.

There are also a slew of boutiques and specialty shops that I want to link here, since products like this are hard to find, if not impossible to get, in this area. As simple as these shirts may be, I have fallen head over heels with the Playdate NYC shirts. I could totally see my son rocking a big blue and red ‘B’.

My son, Benjamin, is in love with music. This totally makes me happy, and even more so since it’s not just a fleeting phase. I hardly own any CD’s and he is lacking a stereo of some sort in his room. I only listen to MP3’s and I’m thinking that my son should too. After all, things are getting more and more digital, why waste time building him a CD collection that he’ll likely discard as he grows? Better start with the Sweet Pea MP3 player made especially for toddlers. The only con I can find is that it runs on AA batteries rather than having an internal, re-chargeable battery, but all the other specs are great!

Have you ever bought your kid something, just for them to turn around and play with the box instead? As disheartening as this may be, Creative Toy Shop Online actually encourages your kid to play with cardboard boxes in the forms of castles, tree houses and pirate ships. These toys really promote creativity, as they are shipped ready to assemble and ready to paint.

Last but definetly not least is Oompa Toys. I really could spend all day on that web site, oohing and aahing at every other thing I see there. I’m not so hot about the toys, but the furniture and décor is divine! Especially this, this and this(only NOT in Pink).

I’d love to hear what you think!