Have a D.I.Y. Weekend!

Summer weekends are the best weekends of the entire year for several reasons. They’re either spent outdoors, swimming in clear blue water, firing up the grill or flying kites.

Weekends are also great for Do It Yourself projects! If you’re anything like me, I often have these fleeting moments when I will study my rooms intensely and imagine them with a different aesthetic or contemplate about different types of accessories I can incorporate into my rooms.

Easy2DIY is one website that I have recently discovered and fell in love with because the site is full of intensive walkthroughs and videos detailing just about any home repair task you can think of. I am tragically clumsy, and have put a couple of holes in the wall for example: “Oops I threw open the door a little TOO enthusiastically” “Umm…I pulled the towel AND the towel rod off of the wall” “The hammer accidentally went through the wall along with the nail” and so on. So far I have managed to patch all the holes in my house on my own, without any previous experience so this is pure gold!

Also, every once in a while I buy DIY magazine while browsing the racks for quality reads, and the amount of simple projects outlined are mind boggling! The magazine has a very nice layout as well, but their DIY website is a treasure trove for those looking for decorating and DIY ideas for the home.


If you’re a crafter or artistic or just want to make something cool, here are a couple of weekend project ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Etch Your Own Glass Jars

Hemp Pendant Lamps

Monogram Art

Vinyl Record Bowl

Beaded Lace Tights

Jewelry Display Case

Nintendo Lunch Box

Sewing Basket

Backyard Movie Theater

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