Month: July 2009

A New Doodle: “Moreno” Graffiti

There is a type of art that I love doing the most above others and that is graffiti art. I may not be able to make mind bending art like some others can, but I have my own unique style of graf, and it has […]

If You Need a Laugh…

I’m a pack rat when it comes to website bookmarks and links. Twitter tends to share the wealth and therefore makes my link collection much fatter and longer. Jose shared Things People Said: Courtroom Quotations on Saturday and I laughed all the way to the […]

Dreaming in a Dark Oasis

One of my resolutions was to get back to drawing, and so through Gala Darlings site I discovered the Down and Dirty coloring contest!

So I started at 9:00 PM and ended at around 1:00 AM two days later!

It’s supposed to be a dream cloud. The Uroboros directs the dream…and as any symbologist would know, an Uroboros symbolises that there is no beginning and no end. It would mean that in this context, the snake cannot possibly direct the dream and is therefore left to run amok.

The lotus is just one of my favorite things to draw. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, I like to think.

Not really a whole lot of other symbolism other than that. I’ve also sent this to my Deviant account at

Update: I WON!!! Check it out!!

Protected: My 4th of July Trip to El Paso

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