Month: August 2009

Getting a 500GB Drive to Play Nice with a PS3

Up until now, I had three dilemmas: My desktop PC is old and only has 80 GB of internal memory. My PS3 is new, but we opted for the 80 GB version instead of the larger drive ones. My photos, music and videos were getting […]

I am a Gear…my love affair with Dethklok

I’m not a Goth. I’m not a Headbanger. I’m a normal girl who loves the internet, Philosophy and fashion. On the other hand, I am a rabid Dethklok fan. The love began like any other relationship would, on a couch in the middle of the […]

New Puppy!

So our crazy neighbor pounds the door repeatedly at 7:15 AM, and asks David if we want a puppy. I never answer the door before 12 PM on the weekends because I’m rarely ever decent before that time. He squints at her, half asleep and says he’ll think about it. It’s too early to make decisions like that.

So at 12 PM she pounds at the door again. It’s lunchtime and I’m not answering. David answers the door and accepts her offer. The neighbor across the street had puppies (well, not the neighbor herself, but you get the point) about 7 weeks ago. According to the said neighbor, they are some sort of Border Collie mix.

She (the puppy) is adorable. A bit shy, but I’m sure once she gets comfortable, she will be more hyper.

We haven’t named her yet. I was hoping for a male dog, so I could have named him Murderface or Pickles, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Mary Magdalene and The Da Vinci Code

A blast from the past. Mary Magdalene and the Da Vinci Code I wrote this during my sophomore year at the University of Texas at El Paso for a literature class. I had at that time recently finished reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan […]