Month: September 2009

Celebrating Mabon: the Autumn Equinox

As the air gets cooler and the nights a bit longer we can rest assured that the Autumn Equinox is right around the corner. For those who don’t know, this year the equinox lands on September 22 at exactly 21:18. Mabon is important to me […]

Secret Agendas and the Vehicle We Call the ‘Self’ Part 2

This is a continuation on yesterdays Part One article. {the human vehicle.} David Icke briefly touches on the subject of death and spirit. In his lecture, he recants his mothers physical death versus the continuation of her energy: “My mother is not in that coffin, […]

Secret Agendas and the Vehicle We Call the ‘Self’ Part 1

It’s moments like these that I am glad I have a blog to air my thoughts and that I have 2 years work into an unfinished Bachelor degree in Philosophy. This makes for great parlor talk, and at times people will leave my house angry or leave enlightened, with a rush of questions racing through their minds.

My friend Jose has been questioning existence lately and its inevitable demise. The latest find that he shared with me was this video mashup of philosopher David Icke and comedian Bill Hicks.

This simple video brings to light a lot of profound ideas and questions. There are a couple of points I’d like to elaborate on.

{secret agenda.} Icke mentions a ‘secret global agenda’…an Orwellian spin off that creates a world government, world Army and world currency. A Global State in which we are all tracked and numbered somehow. I’ve touched on this subject just a bit on Twitter. I believe that the makings of a Global Tracking system are already here, cleverly disguised in Social Networking.

Building a Social Networking Future Without Big Brother [DocStoc Document]

On a broader scale, nearly everything we do nowadays is tracked in one form or another. Your Taxes are filed online, your Library rentals are tracked, your daily work clock ins are saved on a server, your email in a cloud.

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of cloud computing in its simplest definition; it makes everything much more convenient, accessible and it saves money and space. What we tend to forget is that someone controls that cloud and control can be transferred. What if the Government bought Google? Or Yahoo? What if your ‘secure’ information was placed on a local grid? This video from ACLU sums it up.

Bill Hicks then goes on to explain the present problem of Fear versus Love.

Fear closes us off to everyone and Love, which emotionally opens us to the world, sees us as one. This generation is one that has been raised on fear. The atrocities that have been happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, China etc. have unfortunately made death a common place and acceptable part of everyday life.

For example, when ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ started, people were outraged about a couple of soldiers dying. Now, most people are apathetic about it. We are now a part of a society that has become comfortable with Death. People are more outraged with their dwindling 401(k) than the brutality that our soldiers commit and are subjected to on a daily basis.

Fear is a psychological weapon that has been used on this generation to numb the masses and make even more unspeakable atrocities possible.

Hicks goes on to say that the money that is spent on the War, should be spent of more humanitarian efforts, such as feeding the poor and educating the world. The below graphic is from Information Is Beautiful and it illustrates the vast amount of money that is spent on ridiculous things, such as the 36 Billion spent on Wall Street Bonuses. It would, however, cost 54 billion dollars to feed every child on Earth for a year. Hmm. (If the graphic is too small, click on it for the original source)


For the fact checkers out here, the work is done for you. Here are all the links you can check on to make sure your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The Ridiculous Stuff We Spent Our Money on Globally [DocStoc Document]

Part Two coming tomorrow.

The Clovis Music Festival

After living in Clovis for 2 years, I have to say that I have never been to the annual Clovis Music Festival. I was given tickets through my employer, who is one of the sponsors for the event. This means that I got some swank […]

Design Inspiration

I don’t like Clovis. So far, I’ve been robbed three times. Robbery is a part of life here in Clovis, since there an inordinate number of crack heads and meth heads who live here. Boo. However, just because this City is quite underwhelming, it would […]

Things I Love Thursday [5]


Today is going to be a particularly good day. I can feel it. The clouds are in perfect formation and the air has a distinct crispness to it, an aroma of distant rain. I love it.

This past week, however, was a sad week because I am broke. I paid my mortgage and other non-fun grown up things, and had no money left to spare. This is significant because I found SO many things I liked online…

steve{material.} These Steve Madden booties are crazy phenomenal. Why must I be recovering from ACL surgery in September, THE fashion month of the year?!  Well, at least my knee is getting better! ^-^

PipStudio has got the cutest porcelain dishes, cups and saucers and other girlie things a girl would want. Proceed only if you want your house to look like an Adult Doll House! The site is in Dutch, but it is surprisingly understandable.

Also, to David’s HUGE dismay, I’ve found a new favorite online store: I follow Ava May Hemme’s blog and I am certain she’s the one who recommended it. I love nearly everything in the web shop, but the fact that they compile an archive of outfits to buy makes spending the big bucks much more easier.

For the proper lasses, this apron sums it up quite well.

{music.} DJ Chew Fu Phat has got to be my most favorite DJ. He hails from New York and I discovered him through Palms Out Sounds, which I discovered through Gala Darling. The Hype Machine is a music website that keeps track of his and other artists songs that are Blogged about, and does a great job of keeping me in the up-and-up with his new mixes. My favorite of the moment is The Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back’ (Chew Fu Big Room Fix).

For Hip-Hop lovers, this site might make you, break you or just have you laughing. Hip-Hop isn’t my favorite genre…but I do love it. I am not sure how I came across Snacks n’ Shit, but it’s funny as hell.

{life.} Our birthday kickback was great! David’s birthday was August 26th and mine was the 27th. I turned 23 (!!!) and although we usually throw a big party for ourselves, this year was more turned down. Still had an obnoxious amount of alcohol, but instead of hors d’oeuvre’s, this time we served pizza and cake and played a lot of Guitar Hero. A big Thanks to my buddy Joser who brought me that awesome gift.

IMG00028-20090830-0813 I had a Praying Mantis scare the living heck out of me the other day. They are actually very kind and calm creatures and we had a mini photo shoot from which ‘Twiggy’ gladly obliged.

I’m a bit on the restless side. I’ve been yearning to do some traveling, and was planning to spend the weekend in Taos, but somehow fate has managed to throw a wrench into those plans.

What was great about this week for you?