Month: November 2009

The Lost Symbol, A Literary Adventure

I just started reading ‘The Lost Symbol’ by Dan Brown last night. I am nary at the middle of the fascinating novel and have already taken several pages of notes… This is reminiscent of when I read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ while attending the University […]

My Brutal Weekend in El Paso / Las Cruces

My body did get mangled, and I loved every second of it. The weekend started out slow enough. As soon as David, Jose and I got in to El Paso on Sunday, we ate at Taco Tote and ordered a platter for two. Afterwards, we […]

Let’s Rock Out With Our C**ks Out!!

It’s almost Sunday and the excitement is killing me.

I am a huge fan of Dethklok. I honestly have no clue on how I got to be such a fanatic… it just sorta happened. I’ve professed my love for the virtual band time and time again here, and now it’s time to see the band live, up front and personal. Attendees will be David my boyfriend, Joser my best friend and yours truly.

Despite my love for all things rock and metal, I have only gone to one other concert before, The Rob Zombie American Witch tour. I learned a lot of lessons that day, so here are some Rock Concert Tips:

  1. Do not wear glasses (Gives me an excuse to wear my red contacts again)
  2. Do not wear earrings
  3. Be prepared to fall into a mosh pit
  4. Being at the stage is the most awesome experience ever; make sure your partner can hack it
  5. Take a fanny pack small enough that you can hide it under your clothes (for phone, money and camera)
  6. Be prepared for fights
  7. Bring Halls Lozenges for post-concert voice loss

I want to make sure that this time I don’t show up to work a bruised, voice-less mess. It is Dethklok though, so getting mutilated might be worth while.  In my opinion, its not fun unless you’re up front at the stage. So that’s why we’re getting there early and running like hell as soon as the doors open. 

BUT…were not just going for the concert. The concert itself is on Monday (which is a terrible day to have a concert by the way) but we’re arriving in my hometown, El Paso, TX on Sunday morning and staying till Tuesday.  Las Cruces is only about 20 minutes away so El Paso is where we’re going to stay and play.

Hell, I’m only 23. I’ve got to act my age every once in a while. Get away from responsibility for just a leeeetle bit.

The possibilities on venues are truly endless. Bar-n-Grills, Night Clubs, Gentlemen’s Clubs, College parties….the list goes on. Personal favorites of mine are The O.P (also known as The Old Plantation), The Tool Box,  and The Mining . However, since my best friend is not gay, I’ll avoid the usual haunts and opt for a more ‘straight’ environment.  Juarez  was also a very cool place to kick it, but that was before it became a fucking slaughterhouse.

Tentative Schedule of Events

  • Shopping (Cielo Vista or Sunland Park)
  • Test drive the car I really want to buy (Mazda RX-8)
  • Go partying
  • Get to Las Cruces early for the concert
  • Party some more

That’s it! I hope to share some pictures and mini updates during the trip. You can follow me on Twitter @crysticouture and you can also follow my buddy Joser @joserh. Get on it!

It’s Not ‘Neglect’… It’s Called a ‘Hiatus’

Just a post to explain the extended absence that will end as of now, as far as I know. Firstly, I was thinking about moving my blog over to WordPress (Gasp! Blasphemy!) That did not work out. Not only did I jumble things up at […]