Month: December 2009

Mining For Gold: A Journey Into Self Discovery

If you don’t subscribe to Philosophers Notes, you should. If you can’t buy his awesome MP3’s or PDF’s, then subscribe to his email newsletter…it’s amazing. I’ve mentioned this before, so if you’re not subscribing already, hop to it! Anyways, the newsletter for December 23rd compares […]

How to Be a Salvation Army Kettle Volunteer:

Dress very warmly, especially if your volunteer shift is the late one. Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Standing for long periods of time is not as hard as it seems but having a wall to prop yourself against is invaluable. Eye contact, smiling and engaging the […]

My 1993 Honda Civic Has Been Resurrected…

And it took over a grand to make it happen.

Now, I’m going to Discount Tire to buy two new tires. Why do I have to buy them? Because the Lifetime Warranty on the tires I bought less than 6 months ago is voided if the tires were damaged due to alignment issues.

Sometimes I wonder if I will EVER get out of debt.

Here’s the bill for the mechanical stuff.


Notice how it’s highlighted in red that my transmission won’t last long…

I should start cyber begging. 

The Ubiquitous 2010 Goals Post

Take the time and make the effort to align your habits with your goals and dreams. Improving those little habits can truly be the biggest decision you make.  — Ralph Marston This year my blog and my writing have developed well. Because of this, let’s […]

Update on the Goals for 2009

Well 2009 was not a total loss. It was actually quite an awesome year for me. I wrote more, met more people and overall became less of a hermit. The point is that I didn’t fulfill many of my goals this year. Here is the […]

Evernote Love #1: How To Create Genius Files

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to spread the wealth of knowledge and let you in on one of the many awesome ways that I use Evernote.

If you don’t know what Evernote is, then here’s a basic primer: it’s an internet based mega-notebook that is almost literally an extension of your brain. It’s that simple. If you don’t have an Evernote account you really should get one. Start out with a free account and slowly get acclimated to it. The Evernote Web Clipper is invaluable and Evernote also has the ability to import nearly every kind of file extension you throw at it.


So onward now. The purpose of today’s post is to show you how I use Evernote to harness my ‘Genius Files’. I first was introduced into the concept of ‘Genius Files’ over at Decor8 Blog.  I ventured into the subject a little further and decided that this is something I definitely wanted to do. At first, I scoured eBay for bulk binders and plastic sheet protectors. I found plenty of these and as I was about to checkout, I realized that this was not going to help my financial situation.

This is when I turned to Evernote. I have a Premium account with them and this is well worth the funds. I have amassed an arsenal of notebooks with varying themes. I’m in the process of transferring many of the links in my Google Bookmarks over to Evernote since most sitting idly, usually saved because I found one awesome article or a DIY I’d like to do. Thus, began the start of my own personal Genius Files.

I’ve got four major Genius Files:

  • Style, Poise and Fashion
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Home Decorating
  • Blogging

One way that makes filling my genius files much more efficient is to keep a folder on my desktop labeled ‘Evernote’. While I surf the web, I automatically save pictures worthy of saving into this folder.

In Evernote, I’ve set the Import Wizard to automatically import anything I dump into the ‘Evernote’ folder in MyDocuments and put into what I call ‘The Bucket’ notebook in Evernote.

Basically everything goes into ‘The Bucket’ initially and then I separate my notes into their respective notebooks. You don’t have to do it this way, you can even create separate folders to sync with certain notebooks. I prefer to do it this way to keep everything centralized and so that I have ultimate control of where each note goes.

You can also make notebooks public or private, which makes for a great collaborative tool for creative professionals. All of my Genius Files are private for the moment.

In addition, with a premium account, you can scan in a plethora of high resolution images and Evernote can detect the text in these images. This is great to turn your ‘analog’ Genius Files into a digital masterpiece. Magazine articles, clippings, photos, advertisements, street photos… all of these are valuable bits that makes your Genius Files much more intelligent.

What will your Genius Files say about you?