My Lemonade Detox Diary

119One of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, so I am employing different tactics to achieve that lofty yet attainable goal. Ideally, I’d like to lose 60 lbs. Let’s see how close I can get to that goal.

Like I discussed in my prior post, one of my methods is the Lemonade Detox. I first heard about it through my friend Jose and then went forward and researched it a little more. The recipe I am using can be found via The Master Cleanse website.


1. 2 liters of water

2. 14 tbs. of lemon juice

3. 14 tbs. of grade b syrup

4. 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

{Day One.} I started drinking the lemonade a little late, at around 10 am. I was surprised by the great taste! The cayenne pepper definitely made the drink palatable and I think that maybe this is what takes my hunger away. I am writing this at 9 pm and still feel no overwhelming hunger. As a matter of fact, every time I think of food, smell food or see food, I take a sip. I have made the 4 bottles last me all day but I’ve only got a couple of sips left and an hour left till bed time.

{Day 2} Last night I dreamt of sandwiches. Guess my body really wants to eat but I don’t feel like eating. I was actually pretty wired in the afternoon! I noticed my tongue turned white in the evening. I had read somewhere that this is a sign that the detox is doing it’s magic.

{Day 3} Today I was colder than usual. Then again, it was also pretty darn cold in Clovis, so not sure if that was part of it or not, I’m usually hot-blooded. I haven’t been doing the salt water flush because I had no sea salt but I did it today. It made my stomach feel terrible and full. Every step I took made my stomach feel like a violent sea. I felt so nauseous. I managed to hold it down, and the regimen did take it’s intended path.

{Day 4} I find that I don’t need the lemonade that much to control my hunger now whereas before I required at least a sip to control any urges. I had to chug an entire bottle before bedtime to complete my 2 liter quota. I also got a call from a local Chinese Buffet alerting me that I had won a 6 person dinner at their establishment. I explained I was on a fast and needed to reschedule.

{Day 5} I ran out of syrup today and couldn’t find any syrup anywhere unless I wanted to shell out $45 bucks at the Health Food store. Luckily David Burch had some and was kind enough to sell it to me. My lemonade intake has lessened considerably. I find myself forcing myself to drink. Today I weighed 193.5 so I’ve lost close to 6 lbs.

{Day 6} My sense of smell is so heightened! Coming into a grocery store is a bit like torture. I can smell foods from inside their packages. I can smell the breath of the person two steps ahead of me. I never realized my cat farted so much.

{Day 7} Nothing too exciting today. I only drank three bottles out of my quota because I forgot to take my bottles to work with me today. I put way too much cayenne in the elixir today and my lips have been tingling since I started drinking today’s concoction. I made tomorrows batch and am realizing that tomorrow will be my last day since I officially ran out of syrup and lemons. Fantasies of steaks are filling my head. Sadly, I know my stomach has shrunk to the point that I may not even be able to handle a salad.

{Day 8} We’re on the way to Albuquerque today for a knee follow up. I have my lunch bag full of Lemonade bottles. I stayed up till 12 am making food for my family’s trip: sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, bean burritos, Chex mix. Cooking so much made me want to sample a bit but I refrained. I am sort of scared to start eating again.

This stint with the Lemonade Detox has altered my view of food. I feel as if all food is bad for me and I am truly a bit worried about eating again. At the same time, I am salivating for a good piece of meat and feel that at first taste, I might ravage my plate.

I do however, feel refreshed and energetic. Lethargy was never a problem during the detox although I was performing heavy cardio exercises and plenty of housework.

I recommend this detox to those that long for a simplified diet and have encouraging partners. This detox is best suited for single people with no families, as I certainly missed having dinner time with my family. Weight loss is guaranteed as long as you follow the program fully. Don’t forget the salt water flush and laxative tea nightly. These two additional steps will yield higher results!

Currently I am 189.5 so I lost 10 pounds in one week!

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  • Currently I am 189.5 so I lost 10 pounds in one week!Progress! That said… please be careful and don't take the dieting to extremes. I understand the goal and it's a worthy one indeed. But your body needs adequate nourishment. I'll stop now… don't wanna come off as preachy. 😉

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