Month: September 2010

Things I Love Thursday [8]

    Time for another compilation of T.I.L.T. to share the things I am loving this week. Since it’s been a while, I am going to share more than a weeks share of stuff…just so you can get a good scope of what’s making my […]

September Doodle: Vinea

This month’s doodle is actually a style spinoff from January’s Doodle: Edna. Although structurally similar to Edna, the influences and story are different. This character is based on Vine, one of the (male) 72 Spirits of Solomon. Clearly, I was inspired by my last post […]

Confused About The Last Exorcism? Don’t Be

Seal of Paimon

I watched Eli Roth‘s ‘Last Exorcism‘ on it’s midnight premiere on August 27th, which also happened to be my birthday. I had heard that this movie was going to be pretty scary so I love a good challenge to my taste for horror movies. On the other hand, even though I love a good spiritual thriller, I remember being unable to sleep for DAYS after watching Paranormal Activity!

On the official side, ‘The Last Exorcism’ received mixed initial responses ranging from superfluous praise to downright disappointment. Rotten Tomatoes has given it 71% which is a pretty positive reaction.

From this point forward, if you haven’t seen the movie, know that the rest of this article is chock full of spoilers and my personal interpretation of the confusing ending.

I like to think that the buildup to the pinnacle of the movie was great, however the ending of the movie left me with questions about what really happened. The turning point to the ending of the movie was when Reverend Cotton decided to turn around after discovering that Logan was actually quite gay.

When he gets back to the farm, it seems deserted and shrouded in darkness with not a sound to be heard. The camera man turns his light on which gives the audience a visceral and fear inducing picture: the house is in shambles and the walls are filled with what appear to be  ‘demonic’ sigils.

As an FYI, the symbols in this scene are completely “Hollywood-ized” but they are based on something tangible and historically existent. Some symbols are Hermetic and others just vaguely Pagan in origin, so they were immediately recognizeable to me.

Taking a few steps back… in the mid-point of the movie, the audience is  introduced to a demon named Abalam. The demon, book and the drawing shown in this scene were clearly inspired by the Goetia and the 72 Spirits of Solomon. The Goetia, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a type of grimoire (collection of occult knowledge) that focuses on the descriptions of verious spirits what were imprisioned by Solomon the King.

Although Abalam is not specifically one of the spirits listed in the Lesser Key, he is actually attributed to Paimon, who ideed is one of the spirits in the real grimoire. The seal of Paimon is illustrated at the top of this post. Abalam is not historically significant in any demonology text.

In the movie, Abalam is described as:

[Abalam] was described as a demon that would encourage lust and desires. Not to mention it would defile certain beings during possession and the only escape was through death.

Which brings us to the next topic as to what sort of ritual was being performed in the forest clearing.

In my personal opinion based on the rituals outlined in the Goetia and other demonology texts, I believe that this cult was purposefully wanting to release their patron demon, Abalam, onto this plane of existence by burning and killing a physical manifestation of himself (the possessed child).

Of course, this would require a belief that when a human is dead, it’s spirit remains with us in this world. This is why when the demon child is thrown into the fire, the flames rise unnaturally high, alluding that the demon has been released onto the Earth and that Abalam is one giant beast.

Based on everything that happens in the forest clearing, we can assume that Nell was forcibly possessed by her bother Caleb, who is revealed to be a member of the cult. Furthermore, I would assume that this cult intended this demon, Abalam, to be the Antichrist. I suppose some flaws with this concept is that none of the Spirits of Solomon are incubuses and therefore would be unable to impregnate a mortal being.

Please remember that this interpretation is a comparison and analyzation of FICTIONAL work. What did you think about ‘The Last Exorcism’?

We No Speak Americano vs. Tu vuò fà l’americano

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