We No Speak Americano vs. Tu vuò fà l’americano

We’ve recently seen a very welcome and big influx of house and electro in nearly all aspects of society. From nightlife, commercials, movie soundtracks and even product jingles, house music has come back to reclaim the night.

However, lately there was a remix that I heard that made me stop in my tracks, quite literally. I was listening to our local 104.3 when I heard ‘We No Speak Americano‘ a remix made by Yolanda B Cool and Dcup.

They totally slaughtered one of my favorite oldies!

Then, I listened to it again. And again. Then it was stuffed down my eardrums at the club. Then I heard it on the streets in someone elses ride… could it be? I was starting to actually like the bastardization of Renato Carosone’s ‘Tu Vuo fa l’Americano‘!

If  you haven’t heard the remix, watch this to get a grip on the track:

Now, here is the original song:

So, I can say that I do like the remix…although oldies never really quite wear out! I just kind of sit back and laugh…the revelers dancing to the new remix don’t quite understand that the meaning behind the song is basically chastising a young Italian for wanting to pretend to act like an American:

You want to be American?
You wear your trousers with a coat of arms on the behind
A small coppola with its peak lifted up
You go swinging through Tuleto as a bully, since
You want people to notice you!

You want to be American
‘merican, ‘merican
Listen to me, what’s the use of it?
You want to live fashionably,
But if you drink “whisky and soda”
Then you feel dizzy
You dance “rock and roll”
You play “baseball”
But the money for Camels (or Camel cigarettes)
Who’s gonna give it to you??
Mamma’s bag!

You want to be American
‘merican, ‘merican
But you were born in Italy!
Listen to me there’s nothing that can be done
Okay, Neapolitan!
You want to be American
You want to be American

How can you know the one who loves you
If you speak to her half American?

When you’re making love under the moon,
How do you know how to
Say “I love you”?

You want to be American
You want to be American

Tell me, sweet reader, which version do you like best?

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  • As a lover of music and a hip-hop producer, I’ve always been a fan of sampling because it’s a bridge between past and present without force feeding it. You’re basically dressing up the originals and reintroducing them to modern times. I can’t knock that because it shows how inspiration classics can be…since they can create the concept for new music. I could show you a few tracks from past to present that are really dope…we’ll link up one of these days.

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