September Doodle: Vinea

This month’s doodle is actually a style spinoff from January’s Doodle: Edna. Although structurally similar to Edna, the influences and story are different. This character is based on Vine, one of the (male) 72 Spirits of Solomon. Clearly, I was inspired by my last post

Vinea is the feminine aspect of Vine, which is pronounced Vee-nay. Vinea is both a Queen and a Duchess ruling over 36 legions. She takes the form of a lion, and sometimes as a man with a lion’s head, riding on a black horse and holding a viper. She can discover hidden things, can find witches and wizards, and can give accounts of the past, present and future. She can build towers, break down walls, and cause storms.

Vinea boasts a shield that is engraved and inlaid with the symbol of Virgo surrounded by the No Harm Seal of Solomon.

The owner of the No Harm Seal of Solomon the King cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him. Around the eight points of the radii of the pentacle are the words ‘Elohim qeber, Elohim hath covered (or protected),’ written in the secret alphabet of Malachim, or the writing of the angels. The versicle is from Psalm: ‘Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bow shall be broken.’

I am wary of coloring the original…although if I had the talent to color, her suit would be crimson with black trimming, her hair black, the sheild gold with blue waves, orange petals and the Virgo sigil as green. Her eyes would be both red and gold. Not alternating between them, but almost irridescent – as if they were made of a red opal.

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