Month: October 2010

October Doodle: Thoth Tarot Deck Box

I have owned my Thoth Tarot Deck for 10 years now. It smells great from years of being stored in my herb box; the cards are permeated with the smell of juniper, yucca flowers and ‘spirit of bear and eagle’ which is an herbal powder […]

Evernote Love #2: Elementary Galleria

I am not sure if it’s the Virgo in me, but not only am I an organization freak but I am also a fan of archiving absolutely everything, and I mean everything. From childhood drawings, to love notes and even so far as text messages, […]

An Evening With Rabbi Moses

I have been attending our local Kabbalah meetup for about 2 months now and found this meetup through a site I have used for many years. Now, I attend the weekly meetups on a nearly religious basis and during the week I always have my nose deep in ‘A Garden of Pomegranates‘ by Israel Regardie.

Tonight’s meetup was different than the rest: a new person sat at the head of the group, a slight, neatly dressed man wearing a traditional kippah and donning a full beard. His hands were clasped carefully across his lap, as he checked his watch and started the lecture precisely at 7pm. His voice held a thick accent which at the time I could not place, but now know that Yiddish was this man’s first language. This man is Rabbi Moses, who hails from New York. He sites his reason for being in El Paso, TX as an ‘astrological reason’ and found that the beautiful energy of our city drew him in.

In addition to the Rabbi, we also had 5 new people join the group. Our small Kabbalah group normally consists of Gilberto, a member of O.T.O, Freemason and organizer for this group; Carlos, a life long mystic; and Myself. Having so many new people join on one night was refreshing and promising for the group… every single person left with an insatiable hunger for more.

Back to our dear Rabbi Moses. Since most people that attended only had a slight inkling of what Kabbalah is, he started from the beginning by explaining what Kabbalah is, which as excruciatingly simple as possible, is an ancient philosophy (and sometimes Theosophy) that effectively categorizes absolutely everything in the universe and in the ‘self’ into 10 sephira and 22 paths of life.

He then proceeded from the top, quite literally, with Kether being the 1st sephira on the Tree of Life. As he worked his way down the Sephiroth, he explained the meaning of each emanation, the proper pronunciation of the Hebrew letters and the energies that each Sephira exhalts. Gilberto was recording the Rabbi’s lecture while I sat between Rabbi Moses and Gilberto, writing as fervently as I possibly could. I stayed with Rabbi Moses long after the last group members left, getting to know his origins, interests and other musings about his life.

I learned that he is an astrological maven who can thoroughly explain the meaning of any astrological term in the book, by memory. He has also written a couple of books and working currently on another, about the Zohar, the Sepher Yetzirah and other ancient writings. He is a practiced palm reader and decipherer of energies. The Rabbi Moses also loves to travel; his ‘astrological reason’ for being in the area is due to his Cycle of the Sun.

The Rabbi explained to me that every year, your own personal new year is enhanced (or devastated) by the location that you find yourself at the exact time that your Solar cycle has hit it’s peak. Two years ago, he spent his Cycle of the Sun in Port St. Lucia, last year he spent it in Guatemala. This year, he said, he could have chosen between Santa Fe or El Paso…although he had some qualms about coming to El Paso, his decision ultimately brought him to our Kabbalah group, whilst if he had gone to Santa Fe he would not have been able to share his particular science with us.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Buddhist, Christian or Atheist, everyone can study and apply Kabbalah. Rabbi Moses will be in El Paso until Tuesday and will be holding another lecture on Monday evening. If you are interested in going, please join the Kabbalah Meetup Group so that you can get an exact address and time. We normally meet at Village Inn on the East Side or Kinley’s Coffee House in the West Side, but due to the amount of interest in this lecture, we plan to meet at a much larger venue.

** UPDATE **

What: Rabbi Moses presentation on the Energy of the Hebrew Alphabet

When: Monday, October 25, 2010 6:30 PM

Where: Arias Group Offices
6090 Surety Dr. Suite 304. Building Behind Embassy Suites in Front of Basset Center- If door appears closed call 915-726-2358 to gain access.
El Paso, TX 79905

Rabbi Moses agreed at our meetup Wednesday 20th, to meet again on Monday. This time, he mentioned he will give an introduction to the energy of the Hebrew alphabet.

Look forward to seeing you!

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Music Monday: Poptastic

I listen to a large array of music with the only glaring omission being  Country and any type of ‘Ranchera’ type music. That’s just not my jive, baby. Having said that, Pop music makes up a large amount of my musical collection. Some people are surprised to […]

Chalk the Block 2010

This Saturday was a fabulously fun filled menagerie of art, music and great food all in one place: Chalk the Block in Downtown El Paso! The festival lasted 3 days and spanned from Mills, Franklin, Santa Fe and Mesa streets and the goal of yearly festival […]