Things I Love Tuesday [9]

Another Tuesday and a myriad of reasons to feel super thankful and happy about. Sure, I’ve had some really crappy days in between but when I’m writing a T.I.L.T, I can’t help but forget about them! These past several weeks have been very busy for me, full of promise, potential and adventure!

{meeting new artists} There is an amazing influx of local artists making the rounds all over El Paso lately: I met a set of very talented artists at Chalk the Block and just the other day I finally made it down to La Parada, also known as First Fridays El Paso.

{a new writing project} Thanks to my dear friend Perla, I wouldn’t have met Kariem, who has given me the pleasure of being a part of an awesome and liberating new project! It started out by getting invited to a photo shoot she had for Bikini HD… I got to talking with her director and we really got along!

After showing him some of my work, he asked me to be the script writer for a new feature length video for BikiniHD. Check out more information on this project at IndieGoGo.

{letting the inner kid play} This month was all about having honest-to-goodness fun! Disney On Ice, playing in sprinklers, and going to Spooktacular…we can just say it was ‘for the kids’ but I can say that I fully enjoyed every moment!

{#happiness} I started sharing random things that make me happy on Twitter, using the #happiness hashtag. Here are a couple of things that make me swoon:

Receiving anonymous gifts ♥ House full of the scent of Nag Champa and Patchouli ♥  ‘Miss Alissa by Eagles of Death Metal ♥ Sharpie Pens ♥ The feeling my skin has when I’ve emerged from a refrigerated building out into the sun ♥ Sparkly purple fingernails ♥ Pringles Bendy Straws

What is making you happy this week?

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  • Hi! I absolutely LOVE following you on Twitter! I have tried to comment to you a few times. I just wanted to let you know I think you’re awesome!!! Have a great day!!

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