November Doodle and the Emerging Artists Awards

‘Café au lait’ by Crysti Couture (Watermark not on original work)

That swirling mass of awesomeness above is my first work committed to canvas. It is titled ‘Cafe au lait’ and is a 16×20 acrylic on canvas piece. It took me a week to finish it and it was originally going to be a brown, peridot and amethyst but quite honestly, I felt I would have ruined it with so much color.

I also entered this work into Downtown Niche’s ‘Emerging Artist’ contest, whereas I was delighted to be informed I am one of finalists to be judged privately on Thursday November 18th, 2010. Winners will be published in Issue #10 of Downtown Niche Magazine scheduled to be released in January of 2011.

This was my entry description:

When I began creating this piece, I wanted to refer to something that evokes feelings of warmth in this brisk season of fall. Simultaneously, I also wanted to incorporate a pleasant motif that created a sense of continuity throughout the work.

Thus ‘Café au lait’ came to be; pleasant shades of brown softly mingling with creamy white.  Two shades so distinctly different yet when paired together are reminiscent of a delectable and deeply satisfying drink.

I wanted to ensure that the work was also kept modern. Downtown Niche is a very popular and avant-garde publication which is known among many fashionable, young El Pasoans as the go-to resource for local information, honest reviews and the classiest event showcases. I wanted to make certain that ‘Café au lait’, should it be a finalist, would convey an air of subtle sophistication.

‘Café au lait’ was completed on November 5th, 2010. It is a work completely composed of acrylic on canvas and its dimensions are 16W x 20H.


To top it all off, Downtown Niche is throwing us a swank little get together, isn’t that awesome of them? Win or lose, I am really looking forward to this event! Hoping that I will post an overview of the party this weekend.

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