The Philosophy of ‘Couture’ : A Personal Manifesto

I have had an active online life for as long as I can remember. Throughout those years I have been known by different monikers depending on the stage of life I find myself in. I had settled on using my real first and last name in college.

“If that’s not her real name, then WHO is Crysti Couture?”

The problem is, my real name evokes a lot of negative memories.  Unfortunately for me, it’s not as simple as changing my last name – my first name has a whole slew of negative ideology, too. After some time trying to accept my name as is, I decided that it was time to pick a new name – one that represented me as the person I am.

During this renaming phase, I had also been going through a fashion obsession phase that seemed to only intensify as each issue of Vogue hit the shelves. I’m certainly not as fashionable now but back then it was a big part of my life.

Suddenly a word so crisp, simple and refined called forth to me and I knew that it was meant to be a part of me: Couture.

From that moment onward, all of my internet activity was linked to ‘Crysti Couture’. So vehemently have I marketed my custom namesake that it is believed to be my real birth name. As the years have passed, I have fully realized that “Couture” is not simply a fashion reference; it is a lifestyle and a philosophy.

By definition, couture is a French word, which means ‘to sew’ and in modern times, true haute couture is something only the wealthy can afford as the garment is completely custom made for the client.

‘Couture’ as a philosophy is similar in concept: you are one of a kind couture, why act as if you are an off-the-rack item? Embrace the things that make you unique and flaunt them. Distinguish yourself from the norm.

Beyond what I have shared here on my Blog and on Twitter  it would surprise many people to know that I was very poor growing up , then suddenly was exposed to a wealthy family, that I was an expert hitch hiker, that I have a wicked sense of humor, that I am addicted to hoarding memories. These things, among a plethora of many others make me who I am. These obstacles and stages in my journey have contributed to the end result, a type of ‘Couture’ that is mine and mine alone.

Now a mini manifesto of sorts to get you thinking and moving towards a ‘Couture’ attitude:

  • You are a creature of wonder and amazement. Own it, be it and represent it.
  • You are unlike anyone else. Although the desire to be a part of a group is inherent in human nature, resist the urge to ‘blend’ in.
  • Your flaws are a part of you as much as your strong points. If you can’t fix your flaws, embrace them.
  • Personality is everything. Western civilization is very materialistic, but understand that ‘things’ are NOT everything.
  • Humor makes the world go round. Being able to laugh at your misgivings will ease the pain and help you move forward.
  • Be daring, dangerous and adventurous. Life only lasts as long as you can remember it…make your story a memorable one.
  • I can’t stress the importance of ‘Fake it till you make it.’ On a personal level, this resounds with me; I’m a girl with naturally low self esteem, but if you present yourself with enough panache, eventually you’ll feel pretty great about yourself too!
  • Spirituality is important. Whatever belief you follow make sure it resonates and meshes with your soul. Life nowadays is so very hectic to the point where it affects our minds and bodies, so it’s important to pay attention to and soothe your spirit.
  • Love! Sometimes I feel so much love toward friends, loves, my son, my beliefs that I feel like my heart could burst!  Like I mentioned in this popular post of mine, I have a lot of love to give.

That’s all for now… I hope you can take something useful from this post and let a little ‘Couture’ energy into your life!

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  • Hi,

    Your manifesto so impressed me that I twitted it for others to read. I like your attitude and line of thinking. Peace to you.

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