Music Monday: Meet Fuya Radio

I have been immensely fortunate to make a great set of friends who happen to be podcasters and insanely talented musicians! The guys that I am referring to are none other than FuyaRadio, which in my own opinion has got to have the best set of podcasts in El Paso. Whether you’re a gamer, an underground Hip-Hop lover, a movie buff or just want to listen to the Fuya shoot the shit for an hour, there’s something for every one:

Fuya Radio



Route 666 Radio

Spiels on Wheels

The TnR Show

I have recently been invited as a guest to two recordings of ‘Spiels on Wheels’, which was originally a podcast that captured the random musings of Metafisix, Tien, Diluted Thought and others as Tien drove around the city in his Chevy HHR.  Recently, the recordings have been taking place at my place (which is an apartment, not a motor home) now dubbed ‘Crysti’s Castle’ after ‘Eureka’s Castle‘.  Here are links to the two episodes I made an appearance in:

Spiels on Wheels Episode 3: A Woman’s PerspectiveDOWNLOAD HEREListen as Diluted Thought, Tien and Metafisix ask me questions as I represent the entire female populace.Some of the questions:

1. Why won’t girls fuck Tien?

2. What are women looking for nowadays?

3. Do girls like ‘giving head’?

4. I ask the boys why they clam up around women.

…and MORE!

Spiels on Wheels Episode 4: Love at first…?DOWNLOAD HEREThis time I turn the table on Injn Myke, Tien and Metafisix and ask them what men want. We also talk about my new relationship with Injn Myke.Some of the stuff we spiel on:

1. What is the first thing a man does when he’s pursuing a woman?

2. How do you approach women?

3. What are men looking for in women?

…and MORE!

I highly suggest that you follow FuyaRadio closely especially if you’re from the El Paso area. Support local media!!

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