December Doodles: Artistic Words

It’s that time again to show you what I have been doing in the artistic realm this past month!

Since it’s the season of giving I thought that one of the best gifts I can give is one that has been created by my own hands. Unfortunately this part of the year happens to find me in a very broke state as well so gifting art makes me feel a little better about not being able to buy fabricated things.

First on the list is a gift I made for my buddy Metafisix. This painting was both a gift and a commission of sorts: I had been hanging out with my buddy on Thanksgiving Day and saw that his room was plastered with art, posters and other miscellany from ceiling to floor. There were a couple of spaces I wanted to fill and had just recently exhibited a little piece of art at the Emerge event in downtown El Paso, so I was inspired to make Metafisix something that he could hang on his wall and remind him of me. This was the end result:

This piece is completely acrylic on an oval canvas. When I was younger, I used to draw graffiti everywhere and at every moment I could muster to do so. Street art is near and dear to me…I am no expert and I don’t have a favorite graf artist but my experience with graf comes from a time in my life where everything was free spirited and everything was tumultuous as well.

My next piece was made for my love interest, Mark, of whom I lovingly mentioned in the Spiels on Wheels podcast. He happens to be a rabid fan of the film ‘The Boondock Saints‘, so I thought I’d pay a little homage to his film by painting my version of a ‘VERITAS AEQUITAS’ anagram I found.

This work is also completely composed of acrylic on canvas and is coated with a polyurethane spray.

Hope you enjoyed this months doodles! If you’re an El Paso local and would like a commissioned piece, feel free to email me on my About Me page or introduce yourself to me on Twitter! I am certainly looking for the practice so just about anything goes!

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