A Tribute to Clovis Pulse

100_3390The other day I received a set of gifts through the mail: a WordPress coffee mug and a WordPress engraved Moleskine from my friend Scott from Clovis, NM. It was a heart warming gift…the note that came along with the gift read that it was for the work we had done together on Clovis Pulse.

Clovis Pulse is a website that Scott Knauer, David Burch and myself started while I was living in Clovis. Often portrayed as a small town with not a lot to do, we thought it would be a grand idea to write up reviews about places that were hardly visited or underappreciated and about new places which needed the extra publicity.

I moved away from Clovis in February as is evident with some of my older posts. I left behind a house and a lot of great friends, but I also found myself and met a lot of new people here in El Paso as well. In homage to my association with Clovis Pulse, I thought I’d link up some of my work with them:

I look forward to seeing more posts from Clovis Pulse and their new project underway!

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Clovis Pulse”

  • So I’m spending hours searching for Zoetica Ebb’s frames online, and I stumble upon your blog about the Boz frames. I’d already seen those, so I go to hit the back button and I see the word…Clovis. I live in Clovis!!! :3 Hahaha what a small world this is… glad to have found your blog this way!

    • Wonderful! Do you live in Clovis, CA or Clovis, NM?

      As for Zoetica’s elusive frames…she bought them in a hole-in-the-wall eyeglass frame boutique in Tokyo or Japan, so they’re vitually impossible to find.

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