A Personal Update for February 2011

Sometimes I tend to forget this is a personal blog…and it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually posted anything personal. Some people I know have advised against doing it, others encourage my strange obsession with digital voyeurism. All in all, I’d have to agree with my latter friends, as I can recall this blog starting out with simple stories of folding laundry and discovering little baubles during shopping.

2010 was a very chaotic year. I knew things would change; I felt it in my soul that things were going to drastically change, and they did. I left my boyfriend/husband of 7 years, packed up my furniture and said sayonara to Clovis, NM. I certainly miss the people there. I made lots of great friends and learned a lot of lessons in Clovis that’s for sure.

When I came to El Paso, I didn’t expect to make so many {friends} so quickly. Thanks to social networking, I found several sets of friends that have came and went and some of the more genuine ones stuck around and accepted me as I am.

I am the kind of person who picks up transients and feeds them if I can yet I am also the type of person who is quick dismiss a lingering waitress. I am an open minded free spirit who attempts to attune to the Universe, yet I am also a hard headed and hot tempered woman who has difficulty with having someone else take the reigns.

Also, I am happy to announce on this blog something that I have never said in all the years that I have been in relationships: I am feeling {love} in a way that I have never once felt. Very honestly, I can say that the mix of emotions and experiences I have felt with my lover are so new and exhilarating that they shake me to my very core and give me a sense of fear and appreciation that only such a thing like love could do. Thanks to the Universe for that.

In this similar vein, I know without a doubt that this is a different kind of love when I know that this person is the type of person I need in my life. Very strange concept for me…I usually contend to the fact that I am good as I am (which I am) but the fact that my lover makes me a better person…well, that just blows my mind.

I was {unemployed} for a WHOLE FREAKING MONTH. Great way to start the new year, eh? Well luckily good people came through to support me financially and emotionally while my life felt like it was crumbling before my eyes. I now have a job with a non-profit as a secretary but I still don’t make enough to support myself and my son so it’s probable that I’ll need to move on to a better job soon.

I am faced with the very big possibility of {moving} to Albuquerque. I’ve lived there before and I have a huge amount of personal history up in Northern New Mexico. I hitchhicked all over the place and I swear I left a little part of my soul in Taos and Espanola. Aside from Albuquerque, all the other towns and hamlets are absolutely magical to me…but Albuquerque is like the heroin addicted black child in a family of white Southern Mormons. In Albuquerque, trouble found me instead of me having to look for any trouble. Either way, some of my most vivid memories growing up in the streets were in Albuquerque. Funny how things come around full circle.

That’s all for the personal update. If you’ve got any questions (and I do mean ANY) feel free to send me your questions on Formspring. (<– CLICK IT.)

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