If Only You Knew

If Only You Knew the way you make me feel;
the way you make my world shine brighter,
the way you make my passions real.

Should the world end
and I miss the light of another day,
I thank my stars that
You came into my life and made everything okay.

If Only You Knew how your gaze makes me weak.
how my skin seems to yearn for your touch…
how you’re the completion of everything I seek.

Your facade is my challenge
A victim of life’s dirty dealings
Can’t you see I can bring your life balance?

If Only You Knew how well I understand you;
Your heart has been frozen and torn from your chest
and you think that’s all you can expect from the rest,
Know that my intentions with you are pure,
and I could never be anything to you but true.

To me, your imperfections are perfections,
Your spirit, drive and energy is unrivaled
It really doesn’t matter what you see in the reflection.

If Only You knew how much I Love You;
Would you love me the same?
Or vanish like the morning dew?

Written on June 12th, 2011

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