October Doodle: Chakras Within The The Tree of Life

I have been working on this painting now for almost a year and it took me so long to complete because of procrastination, major life events and lack of time. If this canvas could talk, it would tell tales of major losses in my life, additions, new people, new projects and lost friends.

I immediately knew what I wanted to paint on this rectangular canvas, but as I continued painting, I felt it right to add the paths and Left and Right Pillars of the Qabalic Tree of Life. Further more, I decided to take the term ‘tree’ literally and liberally added leaves, vines and branches to the Tree itself.

From Wikipedia:

The Tree of Life is a tool used to categorize and organize various mystical concepts, and is central to the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the Qabalah. At its most simple level, it is composed of ten spheres, or emanations, called sephiroth (sing. “sephira”) which are connected by twenty two paths.

This piece is acrylic on canvas.  It measures 4 x 2 feet and was finished with Liquitex glaze.

September Doodle: Henna Box

Back in January, I painted a custom Henna piece for my friend at the time, Perla Alyssa, since it was her birthday and she has a bit of Persian blood in her lineage. Of course, henna is not Persian tradition per se, but I thought that perhaps a little Moorish art might be appreciated.

Since that time, I have wanted to attempt a Henna pattern again, this time I did it with the color scheme reversed; black on red this time.

It took me 3 days to complete this work. I re-purposed a wooden silverware case I found in a second hand shop a long time ago. The painting is completely in Acrylic and finished off in three coats of Liquitex Gloss Varnish.