A Weekend in the Life…

I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything personal and after all, this IS a personal blog, despite the philosophical stuff I tend to spew.

Before I go on, a quick little announcement. I’ve redesigned the navigation bar and the site as a whole and if you’re interested in seeing my media work, you can click on the ‘Resume’ tab and read the articles I have written for El Paso Times, podcasts I’ve recorded for Fuya Radio and video interviews I have conducted for 915 Lifestyle. I’m proud of my little accomplishments and hope you might like them as well.

So this post is to give you a little glimpse of my life this weekend, just as a fun little break from the norm.

As a writer for 915 Lifestyle, I was invited to a private party at a local gallery that I tend to promote quite a bit just because I love it so much, The Loft Light Studios. The party, dubbed ‘In Bloom’ was a celebration of some of the most talented female artists in El Paso. Performing on stage was Emily Davis, whom I have interviewed in the past, and Christina Gurrola.

The art on the walls was what really got to me and  I nearly began crying in the studio. The art hanging on the walls was created by Rebecca June, a local painter who is also a recipient of the Luis Jimenez Scholarship. Her paintings were uniquely feminine in that they portrayed painfully vulnerable moments, that many a woman can relate to.

After the music, fun and my first time trying caviar (!!) I was going to head home. I noticed on Twitter that my best friend, Diluted Thought, wanted to go see a show at a local Bar & Grill, The Bayou. Well, I figured it’s a Thursday night, and moments like this don’t come by too often, so I went for it. Not only did I get to see local band That’s My Bike Punk perform, but I also got to see Diluted get on stage too.

On Friday I started my new (hopefully permanent) job. You know, I sure do love El Paso, but when it comes to the job market, well…it REALLY sucks. So anyways, now I work for this company called Interstate Capital…very awesome little company. It’s like a brokerage firm or lending source for businesses so that they can ship and receive.

Later on Friday evening, my co-host from The Lady Bits Show, now gets to host a new show that her husband is spearheading called The B4SSMENT. Very nice stuff. I like the DJ’s they had on the show this last time.

Saturday was actually pretty awesome. I got to conduct a follow up interview with Congressional candidate Beto O’Rourke at his campaign headquarters. See, I just recently finished an interview with Silvestre Reyes for 915 Lifestyle and had already conducted an initial interview with Beto, so I wanted to make sure that we get the full story.

I remember when I was much younger, I mean like 18 or 19, I had a huge crush on Mr. O’Rourke. How silly, right?  After our initial interview back in November, I have developed nothing but respect and professional admiration for the man. I personally feel that this city needs a change and needs a modern pioneer that will help propel El Paso out of the 1990’s. Despite my personal affiliations it’s important to be unbiased in my interviews and I think I do a very good job at that.

Today is Sunday! My son will come back from Spring Break vacation with his father and while I am waiting for him to arrive, I will be recording a new episode of The Lady Bits Show with my very capable and talented co-host, Jackie Luve.

Thus was a weekend in my life. Hoping I can post little things like this from time to time.

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