April Doodle Part Two – Triforce Symbol

Now, I am not much of a gamer nowadays but ‘back in the day’, I found myself always playing one video game or another. If it wasn’t Spiderman, The Simpsons, NBA Jam, or Mortal Kombat on my old Sega Genesis, it was Resident Evil or Parasite Even on my PlayStation 1. Nowadays, I still play Resident Evil or Mortal Kombat, but on the Playstation 3.

Fast forward to now. One of my best friends Diluted Thought, who is a serial gamer, is leaving for Nevada to be a miner. It’s almost surreal and I’m sure a whole lot of us would want to keep him around, but sometimes you really just need to get away to do something new.

I decided to paint him a piece, since I had the sudden realization last week that I have never painted him anything. For shame! So after asking our mutual friend Metafisix for ideas, he mentioned that anything from the Zelda game would be awesome to render.

After doing a little bit of research on Zelda, which is not one of those franchises I have ever been particularly into, I found this really awesome symbol that incorporates a ton of symbols pertinent to the game, including the all-important Triforce.

The making of this piece was different than anything else I have ever done. I started out by creating a black/blue gradient background, then splattering some warm colors bi-directionally. After this dried, I used a fairly large plate to create a perfect circle.

After that, I just created my pattern. I took a couple of artistic licenses here and there, but overall, I really liked the finished product. To create a slightly patina look, I lightly sprayed the entire canvas with glittered metallic spray paint.

This piece is acrylic on canvas with a polyurethane gloss coat.

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