Oh Ye the Little Children: An Ode to the Future

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

I like to be as objective as possible, whenever possible. If there’s ever a true bias in my tone that simply means I am sticking to the courage of my convictions on such a deep level there would be no way I could change my views.

Yesterday, I was filling out an application to a local charter school in hopes that my son will attend once he returns from summer vacation. One of the questions on the lengthy application was:

“What are your child’s challenges?”

Of the myriad of questions presented in the application, this simple,  5 word question left me at odds with my self.

I tried detaching myself from my clear-and-present bias, but I just couldn’t. At age 7, he’s already won awards in Art, Spelling, Science and Math. He has the patience of a saint. I can’t recall ever having to truly scold him for anything he has ever done. He finishes his homework before I even have a chance to ask him if he even has any homework.

Oh geez. I couldn’t  find a single flaw, other than he gets frustrated when a hard-worked on Lego sculpture falls apart. There has got to be SOMETHING that truly challenges him.

I started really reflecting on why it is that I couldn’t find anything wrong with my kid. After all, my own family seems to find things wrong with me all the time. Why couldn’t I find just ONE little thing wrong with my son?

Then I realized something else…I’ve been posting A LOT of pitures of my kid lately.

OH. MY. GOD. Have I just become one of THOSE parents? One of those snub, self-righteous parents that sees their child as the second coming? One of those idyllic people that believes their child can do no wrong?

At first, it started to seem that way. As quickly as the thought entered my mind, I realized I was wrong. No, I’m not snobby and my son doesn’t fart rainbows.I just got lucky. He’s an awesome human being, and we should all aspire to be such awesome folks.

Every summer is always a challenge for me. He usually leaves to Clovis, NM with his father and comes back about a week before classes restart.

It saddens me when people opt to never have children. Of course, the choice is theirs alone, but having a child of your own is an experience that cannot be compared with anything else. On the other hand, I have also seen awful children who throw fits or have such disrespect to their elders that it would make your blood curdle. Just as there are good people in this world, there are also less savory types.

Either way, cherish your children; enjoy them for the little people that they are, and do everything you can to guide them on the right path. Remember that children are channels of energy. Especially at such an impressionable age, they are apt to be filled with any kind of energy. Best ensure that you’re filling your little one with knowledge, with kindness and with the desire for a better world.