A Weekend In The Life… [2]

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend worthy of a blog post so I ought to write it all down before it becomes a blur. You can read my previous weekend post at this link.

The weekend started off with a brief visit to Alfresco Fridays, which is a longtime running production hosted by the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau. This last Friday, I had the pleasure of checking out ‘The Vibe’ of whom I’ve briefly mentioned before on this blog, back when they performed at Chalk The Block. I really like The Vibe’s music and the talent behind it:

  1. Mike Minjarez is a member of the Vibe and is also a member of the Emily Davis band.
  2.  I’ve interviewed Emily for 915 Lifestyle and had her album on replay for some time.
  3. Emily Davis is also a member of another band, Cigarettes After Sex, who should be releasing an album relatively soon.

I’m sure the little talent ‘family’ tree could go on and on with El Paso being as musically talented as it is. After the show at Alfresco, I ended up walking back home to get ready and head off to La Parada.

La Parada is El Paso’s ‘First Fridays’ musical set up and hands-down one of my favorite monthly events to go to.  Not only do I dance my ass off but if I arrive early I usually get to chat with different groups of people I know as they arrive. I caught up with other artists I knew from mARTket, members of Beto O’Rourke’s political campaign, my editors from Fusion and ran into a few other really special and memorable folks!

On Saturday evening, thanks to my new writing gig with SMG Events, my boss got me a ticket to see Steve Aoki at the Buchanan’s Event Center on the Eastside. Although the line wait was a little longer than I would have liked, the show itself was phenomenal as usual.  This will be the second time I see Steve Aoki perform this year; the first time was back in March when El Paso Times sent me to review Aoki’s ‘Dead Meat Tour’. This time around The Mazo Boyz opened up the show then Deorro really pumped up the crowd. By the end of the night, I was absolutely drenched in sweat but I just kept on dancing.

Sunday I spent the entire day with an amazing person watching movies and walking the mall! We started out the day by checking out the new Ridley Scott film, ‘Prometheus’ then discussed the topical origins of Prometheus for some time after that movie had ended. It was really great to have an intelligent conversation with someone on my wave length! After walking the mall and chatting for a good 4 hours, we returned to the theater and watched ‘Men in Black III’. I really enjoyed both movies and would recommend them to anyone… then again, when it comes to film, I really am very easily impressed…glad I’m not a Film Critic!

That’s all for now. The next few weekends will be a lot more low-key as I have two new assignments to work on with Fusion Magazine and five pending interviews with SMG Events. Hoping I can sneak in two articles for the Times soon as well; my friend Zyme is going to be releasing his ‘Greetings From El Paso’ album soon and I just got word today that local band Sound on Sounds will be releasing a new album early next month. Looking forward to the formal writing!

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