August Doodle: New Damask

New Damask

Really, this should be considered a ‘June Doodle’ but since I haven’t really had the time to post it and we’re already half-way into August, I’m just calling it an August Doodle.

This painting was originally created for my mother’s birthday. Due to circumstances (read: drama) I wasn’t able to deliver it. However, I was able to show it at the June Martket at the LoftLight Studios. I received a lot of nice comments about it.

This design started out on a Post It note and I loved it so much, I recreated it on a pretty big canvas. It doesn’t really have a whole lot of emotional depth to it, like my other paintings do, but I find that the static designs I create can be pretty cool.

If I could attach a back story to it, I suppose I can say that at some point in my past, I was absolutely enthralled with damask print. I mean, EVERYTHING I owned had to have a damask print; from my bed sheets to my cell phone covers, all my little trinkets were touched by the elegant and timeless design.

My tastes in decor have changed considerably now as I usually decorate my rooms by color. I currently have this hanging in my main hallway in my home, but it is available for sale and will exhibit it again when I have the time.

This piece is 30 x 40, acrylic on canvas with a polyurethane coating.

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