How To Not Piss Yourself on Stage

For the last month, I’ve been pretty much a nervous wreck because I was asked to host a launch party for Mas E Mas Esthetics. As a writer, I prefer to quietly seclude myself to the comfiest corner of my house and crank out a few articles. Although I often go to social events for fun or networking, I hate getting my photo taken and I hate being on video even more.

Despite all this, I accepted. I love to help people out and I know that my good friend, Anthony, had much more to worry about than actually hosting his own event. After all, in the span of a few hours he had to get his models ready, set the food out, perform a live demonstration and make sure he didn’t lose his marbles somewhere along the way.

As the date approached I created a Facebook Event and invited all those I thought would be interested. I posted flyers and preached the awesomeness of Mas E Mas. I encompassed that brand as if it were my own and learned every aspect of Anthony and his business. First rule of PR: know your client.

The night came and Anthony was preparing his 5 models, including Jude, of which I have an interesting previous past with (that’s a story for another day).  As Anthony’s friends and family started arriving, I made sure every single person either had a drink in their hands or food on their plate. I made small talk with aunts, uncles and business parters. Business cards seemed to be flying around like confetti.

As 7:00 drew near, the time had arrived for my speech. I hastily took a final swig of my sangria, grasped my carefully prepared minute-length speech and carefully stepped up to the stage. Suddenly, I didn’t feel nervous. I looked at the room full of curious and interested faces and I wasn’t intimidated anymore. I began to speak.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Crysti Couture, and tonight we celebrate an entrepreneur, artist, visionary and the official launch of his brand, Mas E Mas Esthetics. This fashion and beauty impressario boasts an impressive list of professional successes: having graduated cum laude from Bauder Fashion, he worked as a model in his early years enabling  him to travel and work with some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world. Today, he is sharing his vision of beauty with the world by bringing Mas E Mas Esthetics’s to El Paso. Without further ado, please join me in introducing Mark Anthony Saldivar.

Anthony came up on stage with happy tears in his eyes and thanked me before taking the microphone. I stayed on stage with him and explained to the audience the products he was using, the techniques he was employing and so on. I even emcee’d a few giveaways. It was a thrill.

The night ended well and I didn’t need to imagine anyone in their knickers or in the nude to get through my stage fright. All I needed was a well-prepared speech and a few glasses of vino. Heck, I might even do it again; although this time, a few glasses of Merlot might suffice.

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