There Is No Write But Wrong

tweetIt just came as a shock to me that my personal blog got nominated for a Best of the Best Award. I would say a mini celebration is in order but as you can see from my previous post dates, blogging hasn’t come easily for me lately.

So I felt I should write – not because of the nomination itself but because I’ve realized that I’ve become so incredibly one-track-minded that I haven’t even had time to continue to cultivate what began my career to begin with.

I suppose I shall announce at this point that I’ve landed the best job in the entire known Universe: I’m THE social media coordinator for the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau, otherwise known as Visit El Paso. The job landed on my lap as a sheer coincidence in a moment of pure desperation. The story goes like this:

VEPI had bought a car – a shitty one, mind you – from a well known street here known for selling shitty cars. I had it coming to me; the engine blew a gasket, the fuel pump probably melted into Hell and it’s currently growing mold in my boyfriend’s father’s mechanic shop.

It goes without saying that I had (and still don’t have) a vehicle, yet I worked all the way in Santa Teresa, NM. For several months, I relied on the kindheartedness of my fellow work mates and commuted to work this way. Of course at some point you start feeling like a mooch even though I did compensate them for gas money. I started looking for jobs Downtown (where I live) and I ran across several – one of them being the Social Media Coordinator for Visit El Paso.


I knew this was the job for me. I applied, followed up, showed up, got interviewed and landed the job. Since that point, I stopped my podcast, I stopped writing, I stopped my religious practice and worse yet, I stopped painting.

I get paid well for what I do but I can clearly see that my work has completely overtaken my life.

Is that okay? I mean, it’s truly a job I enjoy. Some days it feels like “work” but other days – when I’m video taping a bike ride, editing photos on Photoshop, Tweeting people, making connections – it’s all VERY fun. I love this job so incredibly much!

Art & Thelema will become a part of my life again. They’re always going to me major elements in my life; I buy art & attend art shows regularly and my life ideologies have been formed around the tenets of Thelema. However, there comes a time when you’ve got to push on the brakes, take a look at your life and see if there’s anything you’ve  left out or anyone you’ve forgotten.

I won’t win the Best of the Best thing. Shit, I didn’t even know I was a nominee. If I get nominated next year, I sure as hell hope my blog isn’t as sparse as it is now.


This is my commitment to myself: I will paint a magnificent piece, unlike anything you’ve seen me do before, perhaps by the time June has come. I intend for it to be a gift to my boyfriend in celebration of our first complete year together. Hold me to it.

Now it’s YOUR turn: Take some time to reflect. Are you missing out on anything in your life right now? What can you do to re-establish that connection again?