The Story of How We Met

Herein follows a sappy post. If that’s not your thing, stop and head over to Imgur right now. Now.

Still here? Alright…this is a ‘special edition’ of ‘Weekend In The Life’…read on.

In June 2012, I went to an ongoing, monthly party in Downtown El Paso called ‘La Parada – First Fridays‘. I hadn’t been in a relationship in years and I was enjoying the success that my freelance writing was bringing me. Every time I went to ‘La Parada’, I met new friends, enjoyed new music and the atmosphere was something that I looked forward to every month.

That particular month though, a creepy, drunk, older man was following me around. He kept on flirting with me and I continued to politely turn him down until all I felt that all I was doing the entire night was avoiding him – I couldn’t focus on having fun.

Suddenly, I saw a brawny, Hispanic guy pulling that creepy older guy up. As the brawny guy passes by, I tugged on his shirt and told him ‘Hey your friend is really drunk. He’s been bugging me all night.’ He apologizes and offers to get me a beer so I follow him inside, accept the beer and start chatting it up.

We ended up dancing swing for the rest of the night. As we were talking, I learned that his name was Aaron and that was going to leave to Spain the very next day for 30 days as a part of a study abroad program that he was a part of through NMSU. I didn’t think that I would see him again but I enjoyed our evening together and I left him with my contact card.

Normally, the muscular guy isn’t my type. Previously to Aaron, I had assumed that all beefy guys were jerks. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He’s a hard working guy, just graduated with three degrees, puts family first and can build just about anything he sees.

I love him because he accepts me more than anyone else has ever accepted me in my entire life. He has no preconceived notions of who I am and doesn’t see me as a stepping stone. I can tell him anything and be silly around him. I can cry and know he’s the best person to comfort me. Best of all, we’re both explorers of life: we love trying new foods, seeing new places and planning weekend excursions together.

I wrote this post because I’ve really never discussed my relationship before and this is, after all, my personal blog. It’s something nice for us to look back on and remember the early days & years of our relationship.

Our anniversary, July 6th, went great! He bought me a dozen roses, hand made me a coffee table humidor, inlaid with some of our favorite memories together this past year and made an awesome valet for me.

We went to La Parada as an homage to having met at the party a year ago and caught a live performance from The Lusitania, a local El Paso band. He took me to eat at his favorite spot, El Rincon de Cortez, which just as quickly became my favorite for authentic Mexican food.

My gift to him was that I bought him an introductory flight course at Francis Aviation soon to be Blue Horizon Aviation and hand drew him an Aries art piece. I’ll be posting about the art piece soon!


Great memories made this past year & weekend! Looking forward to what the future brings…

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