The Realism of El Paso’s Art Scene | Fusion Magazine #69

The newest issue of the Fusion Mag is out and it’s a good one! I’ve been writing for Fusion for the last two years now although it’s gotten a little more difficult to find time to write since I started working at Destination El Paso last year, it’s been a rewarding experience. My editors, Alex and Oscar, are very down to Earth and intelligent guys. Without them, my articles wouldn’t come out as awesome as they do.

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For this issue, I wrote a piece called ‘The Realism of El Paso’s Art Scene where I interviewed two El Paso artists, Tino Ortega & Juan Ornelas, and discussed the origins and reason behind the art proliferation in our city. I based the article off the February episode of the Visit El Paso podcast that I recorded. 

You can read the article in the paper version Fusion Mag, which you can find at the following distribution points:

  • The Garden in Union Plaza
  • Downtown Public Library
  • The Headstand in the Northeast
  • Guitar Center
  • All That Music
  • FYE Basset
  • FYE Sunland
  • Entertainmart
  • RAM Convenience Store
  • Kinley’s Coffee House
  • UTEP Union East
  • EPCC Rio Grande Valle Verde
  • San Carlos Building
  • Las Cruces / Chihuahua / Juarez
  • Destination El Paso Visitor Centers

Or you can read the magazine online at Issuu. To see other work I’ve written for Fusion Magazine, visit my Resume page here or on Behance. 


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