A Week In The Life…[5]

Normally, these posts are titled ‘A Weekend In The Life’ but so much has happened this past week – good and bad – and so I might as well make an exception for myself!

I had a really rough week. I sometimes have the tendency to be overly melodramatic. Despite this, there were some very memorable positives:

County History

In work news, I released Episode 11 of The Visit El Paso Podcast last week, giving a nice overview of events in April, an interview with El Paso Live which is part of our organization, and music from local band, Radio La Chusma. Listen below!

I’m thinking about starting an video blog series for myself. I have a personal YouTube but don’t do much with it. Plus, I’m a bit camera shy and the video blogs might make for good practice.

I’ll need to find a topic to talk about – I don’t want it to be too overly TMI, though sometimes I can be ALL ABOUT the TMI! Some ideas:

  • 50 Most WTF Crysti Moments (trust me, there might be more)
  • Short Thoughts on Thelema & Philosophy
  • What It’s Like To Do Social Media For a Living
  • My Fitness Journey

We’ll see what happens with that concept. Be on the lookout for some photo gallery posts that highlight some of the photography I’ve done for work! I have never been a photog but with the right camera & a good eye, sometimes my images turn out really beautiful.

Enough about me – how was your week? Have you done any recent exploring? Make sure to comment below or add me on social media and strike up a conversation!

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