Pinteresting Food : How To Make Avocado Eggs

It took me a while to warm up to Pinterest but once I was able to appreciate the value in archiving images that link to useful content, I was hooked!

A lot of the newer recipes I’ve been experimenting with are all Pinterest finds. I know my beau has certainly appreciated my renewed vigor in the epicurean delights, so I thought I’d share my little discoveries with you all!

This pin in particular captured by “pinterest” recently:

Egg Pin


Just seeing avocados and eggs together, some of my most favorite food, made my mouth water! I just HAD to try this for dinner. And so I did: I paired my eggs with a side salad and a little cup of sriracha – another new favorite of mine – and had a unique supper that I was pretty proud of.

Crysti Egg

A few tips:

  • Make the dip in your avocados a little bigger to better accommodate your egg.
  •  Pour your egg into a little bowl or ramekin FIRST before pouring it into your avocado cistern.
  • Doing this will create a nice white film over the egg white after it’s cooked. You’ll notice I did this with one egg, but not the other.
  • Once your avocado is filled with the raw egg, carefully place it on top of a ramekin so that the avocado is propped up throughout the baking process.

Bon Apetit!

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