A Week In The Life… [6]

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days and I’m finally taking the time to write a little bit. Quite literally, it’s been one event after another and I’m about to get even more busy: I just signed a contract to move into a house by the end of the month! I’m really looking forward to writing that blog post – the property is absolutely phenomenal.


Last week started out with a visit to the Sun City Craft Beer Fest in Downtown El Paso. This was their second year and it was done phenomenally. The biggest complaint about year one was the long wait lines – this year, wait time for tastings was nominal. Aaron and I had a great time while we were there, even though we could only hang out for a few hours.

As the work week came in, so began a familiarization tour that we hosted in collaboration with the Mayor’s office. I was photographer for the event(s), so I got a chance to practice some of my newfound skills learned from Vaboom Photography:

Fall Fam Tour 2014 (18)

I’ll post more photos about this event later this week, so be on the lookout for that!

Then came time to start really planning for Beto Fest. Although it went off without a hitch, donations didn’t come in as high as we had hoped – we raised $42,000 out of the hoped for $123,000. Still, Beto really enjoyed the performances and we had good turnout at the beginning of the event.


The next day, as part of the campaign, my boyfriend, his family and I went on a bike ride with Beto, which was actually pretty fun! I got to talk to Beto in a way that I hadn’t talked to him before. We even got to take a tequila shot with him at iconic Downtown El Paso bar, The Tap!


The weekend ended nicely – spent some quality time with my son: bought him a Halloween costume (he’ll be a ninja this year), got some frozen yogurt at Craze the Yogurt Lounge and took a walk around Chalk the Block.



What did you end up doing last week? Did you discover anything new?  Need some ideas for cool stuff to do in El Paso this month? Listen to my show, the Official Visit El Paso podcast!