There’s A First Time For Everything: #MealPrepMondays

There’s A First Time For Everything: #MealPrepMondays

I absolutely have to lose 40 pounds before July 2 (more on WHY later). Mind you, I’ve been trying to lose these ‘pesky’ 40 pounds for the past 10 years without much success. It’s been an up and down hill battle between my willpower and intense love for midnight snacking – it’s clear that my willpower leaves much to be desired.

My workout regimen has consisted mostly of Lean It Up’s ‘Newbie’ work out, which included a lot of weight lifting and some cardio. In addition to that, I run 3 miles a couple of times a week, either on the treadmill or on the road. I use a Fitlosophy notebook to keep track of my workouts and what I eat; pen and paper just works so well for me! I take 2 Firestarter by Atomic Nutrition pills a day: in the morning  and mid-afternoon and I make myself a Dymatize ISO 100 protein shake twice a day: first thing in the morning and after working out. I am now transitioning to Lean It Up’s HIIT Sprinting regimen and Ab Shredding workout – I felt like I wasn’t getting in enough cardio with the newbie workout.

I discovered that I definitely need to eat more often. The problem with that is that I almost always forget to pack myself a lunch and very rarely eat breakfast. Add those two together, and at the end of the workday, I become a very hangry, refrigerator-demolishing food monster. Last week I had a couple of binge eating guilt fests, and it was then that I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

I started researching meal prep recipes, and came across a couple of websites and surprisingly enough – Instagram accounts – that really inspired me to start prepping my meals once a week. This will be my first week on a meal prep regimen and I’ve got to say that this is something that I for see myself doing for a long while. Not only is it convenient, but it allows me time to make conscious decisions about the nutrients that I need to incorporate into my week in order to meet my dietary needs.

This week, I prepped five breakfast lunches and dinners on Sunday night in the span of three hours from start to finish. Below I have listed the recipes I used, with links to the instructions.

To snack on, I packed myself lots of fruits, such as apples, pears, and bananas. I also found these really cute entrée containers that make me smile – purple is my favorite color!

Meal prepping definitely takes time and patience, but it’s definitely worthwhile. You save yourself time throughout the week for more important things, and you’re pampering yourself with a home-cooked meal three times a day (so you’re saving some serious dinero, too!).

I don’t think that I’ll be blogging about my weekly forays into meal prepping, but I most certainly be live posting about my #MealPrepMondays or #MealPrepSundays on Twitter and Facebook, so follow me there to stay in the know. I will, however, post up my weight loss results in the beginning of July, and hopefully by then I would have reached my goal!