Pinteresting Food [2] : How To Make Homemade Hummus

I never had anyone to teach me how to cook. As a child, I rarely ate anything that wasn’t a bologna and cheese sandwich or a can of generic Chef Boyardee.

Once I got old enough to know how to cook, I started to see how enjoyable cooking was! I am partial to Middle Eastern flavors; there is a certain mysteriousness to it. When I think of the Middle East, I envision belly dancers, hookah smoke and the melancholy twang of a sitar playing in the distance.

Although every night I pretty much make something I find on Pinterest for my family, I’m only sharing my ‘super’ faves and hope that you’ll try them out too. My last ‘Pinteresting Recipes’ post was about these delectable Baked Avocado Eggs. 

Hummus Recipe from Pinterest

This recipe has become one of those dishes that I make frequently; as a snack, a side or a get together at my house. I’ve tried other hummus recipes on Pinterest, but none are quite as good (and simple) as this one.

Hummus (3)

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A Few Tips:

  • I usually add paprika to the finished bowl of hummus.
  • You can serve this up inside a sandwich (sort of like a mayonnaise replacement)
  • Pack some of this up with a baggie of carrots & celery for a delicious snack on the go
  • Make a big bowl of this, along with some pita chips for a perfect movie night snack