Explore: Aztec Caves at Franklin Mountains State Park

Explore: Aztec Caves at Franklin Mountains State Park

While out at the Franklin Mountains for work in October, I saw a trail that I really wanted to take my son on: the Aztec Caves Trail. It’s a fairly easy climb up and once you reach the caves, you’ll also enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the west part of the Franklins, El Paso parts of New Mexico. So, my son and I packed up some water, snacks and our two dogs and set out for an adventure in our own city!

Some cool history about the Aztec Caves according to “Spirits Of The Border: The History and Mystery of El Paso Del Norte“:

This name was given to these caves by the early settlers of El Paso who believed that the Aztecs has spent a great deal of time in the local area, long before the arrival of the Spanish. Supporting the belief that the Aztecs had been in the Franklins are stories that after the Spanish Conquistadors killed Montezuma, the Aztec King, numerous shipments of gold and silver were enroute to be given to the Spaniards as ransom for Montezuma.

Once word spread that Montezuma was dead, these shipments were diverted to places of safety so that the greedy Spanish would not find them. It is believed that one or more of these hiding places used by the Aztecs to conceal their treasure were in the Franklin Mountains.

Does the Treasure of Montezuma lie waiting in a hidden cave for some adventurous soul to unearth?


Wow! Maybe we should all go explore the Franklins a little more deeply, eh? Before you go grab your pickaxe, try the Aztec Caves hike especially if you’re a beginner. You might need a hiking stick once you get close to the steep entry of the caves and for the descent. More info on the trail can be found HERE and HERE.