‘How To’ Guides

How To Survive A Juice Detox Cleanse

CRFT Juice is a new premium juicery that caters to health and fitness minded folks in El Paso. They’ve teamed up with Phit Phuel, a fitness meal prep company, to offer perfectly paired juices to compliment Phit Phuel’s array of delectable offerings. In my last post, […]

Preliminary Case Study: El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau

This is an unofficial case study that I’m posting on my personal blog for a variety of reasons, however as the readership knows I love my city and I love social media! Although social media is integral to any marketing plan, it can be difficult […]

Is Your Picture Worth a Thousand Clicks?

Nowadays life is fast but information travels at the speed of a Tweet. If you want to stay in the know, you need to keep yourself one step ahead of the curve and be connected constantly. Not only that, but if you have a brand […]

How To Not Piss Yourself on Stage

For the last month, I’ve been pretty much a nervous wreck because I was asked to host a launch party for Mas E Mas Esthetics. As a writer, I prefer to quietly seclude myself to the comfiest corner of my house and crank out a […]

Configuring Google Apps with WordPress

I’ve been trying to do this for about two years and I always gave up. That is, until I came up with a really great business plan for myself and decided to put forth a considerable effort in finishing my Google Webmaster Tools. First things […]

How to Plan an Expo and Not Go Insane

It’s been a hectic 2 months for me but even more so in the last couple of weeks. I am an Administrative Assistant for a local government agency, so a lot of the daily tasks fall to me. Whether it’s as mundane as making coffee […]