‘How To’ Guides

The Absolute Guide to Extracting MP3’s from a Soundboard

This is my first attempt at making any kind of recorded walk through. I have been dying to get Lil Jon voice snippets for use on my phone and all I could seem to find were soundboards which were initially of no use to me. […]

Evernote Love #2: Elementary Galleria

I am not sure if it’s the Virgo in me, but not only am I an organization freak but I am also a fan of archiving absolutely everything, and I mean everything. From childhood drawings, to love notes and even so far as text messages, […]

Living in the Now VS. Thinking For the Future

I find myself in a dilemma. But it’s ok because there is always an answer! (Just don’t know what it is yet.) My abuelita who raised me had a ‘saying’ for everything. My favorite quote of hers is about life in general and what happens […]

How To Haggle For the Perfect Car

…now onto the hard stuff…business. You’ve (finally) decided on the car you want. It may have taken a day, several days, weeks or even months. Please don’t let your search last months though, you may lose a prime opportunity! On the other hand, just as […]

How To Find The Perfect Car

I’ve been having car problems: first with my poor, old Honda Civic and now with my boyfriend’s Camaro is having some bad problems with the water pump, radiator and engine block. Boo. 🙁 So when we took a day trip to Albuquerque to get the […]

How to Be a Salvation Army Kettle Volunteer:

Dress very warmly, especially if your volunteer shift is the late one. Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Standing for long periods of time is not as hard as it seems but having a wall to prop yourself against is invaluable. Eye contact, smiling and engaging the […]