Life In Context

Surviving My Worst Week Ever

I’ve had shitty days before, but never really a week that was full of them. Last week my work laptop was stolen, my SUV crashed into the El Paso Museum of Art by itself (read on, I swear it wasn’t my fault), work pressure was out of […]

The Dark Side of Single Parenting

It’s never easy to be apart from your children, but for the last two years that has been my reality. For a long time, my days were filled with the suffocating depression of solitude and feelings of inadequacy. Once I took charge of my life, that […]

A Week In The Life…[5]

Normally, these posts are titled ‘A Weekend In The Life’ but so much has happened this past week – good and bad – and so I might as well make an exception for myself! I had a really rough week. I sometimes have the tendency […]

Labor Day Brewskies

This weekend was full of adventure for Aaron and I. He was pretty much my assistant while I covered the Sun City Music Festival for Visit El Paso, we also had a little cookout and made a batch of beer. If you haven’t been reading my […]

The Great Work and The 6 Realms of Suffering

Yoga studios and alternative healing centers are finally becoming popular in my city. I’m pretty stoked about this development – I am always looking for fellowship in these sorts of practices so that I can build tangible knowledge and meet people who perhaps share the […]

In 1986, the World Was a Different Place

Today, I saw a post from my friend Diluted Thought, that begged for a click. I went to the website and went on an instant nostalgia trip. What surprised me is not only how long it went, but how well written and engaging it was. […]