Evernote Love #4: The 2015 Moleskine Evernote Planner

Separately, Evernote and Moleskine are two great ‘Get Things Done’ brands that are unquestionably the powerhouses of the planner / note taking world.Together, they’re a match made in heaven!  The two companies have been collaborating for some time now and have previously released several Evernote […]

Evernote Love #3: Organize Your Statements With FileThis

I’m pretty sure I’m late to the rodeo on this one, but I’m totally in love with this Evernote add-on app called FileThis! It’s like a personal assistant for all your paperwork and automatically collects, files, tags, and organizes your online statements in an easy […]

Digital Spring Cleaning

Now that  my mind has settled, it’s high time for a digital spring cleaning of sorts. So much of our lives is spent on the internet or saved on our hard drives – it would be in all of our best interests to do a […]

Configuring Google Apps with WordPress

I’ve been trying to do this for about two years and I always gave up. That is, until I came up with a really great business plan for myself and decided to put forth a considerable effort in finishing my Google Webmaster Tools. First things […]

The Absolute Guide to Extracting MP3’s from a Soundboard

This is my first attempt at making any kind of recorded walk through. I have been dying to get Lil Jon voice snippets for use on my phone and all I could seem to find were soundboards which were initially of no use to me. […]

Evernote Love #2: Elementary Galleria

I am not sure if it’s the Virgo in me, but not only am I an organization freak but I am also a fan of archiving absolutely everything, and I mean everything. From childhood drawings, to love notes and even so far as text messages, […]